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Data loss compensation: phase one

23 Feb, 2020 10:32
Salvatore, gradirei riscontro alla mia richiesta di aiuto per ri-postare le foto…Attendo, grazie.
Ciao Aurelio, ti ho mandato un messaggio privato ieri.
23 Feb, 2020 10:48
Salvatore I lost nothing, I was not a premium member but you have now made me one - generous but unnecessary. I think the site is great, I am sorry if some people have lost critical work but I also feel for you and note your honesty. When I figure out how to do it I will pay you for the now new premium membership; I primarily use your site to inspect other peoples work to then help me with my own. Best wishes going forward.
26 Feb, 2020 22:03

Before the incident, I was approaching the limit of 10 pictures for the free account. I lost it all during the incident but that does not really matter, it only took me 30 minutes to restore them all.

As I was approaching the limit, I was considering getting a paid subscription. For my personal use obviously, but also to support such a great website and tool that is astrobin. Now I'm a premium user for free and I can't contribute to help  for an entire year. Thanks for the premium membership, but is there any other way you would accept a donation ? smile

In such difficult times, I'm pretty sure you should get all the help we can give you to keep going, pay for infrastructure cost and buy a beer ! smile

26 Feb, 2020 22:12
Hi Bertrand,
thank you very much for your kindness. I'm certainly accepting donations. For the last 10 days, since the incident, AstroBin's hosting costs have soared up to 6 times as normal. This is partly due to everybody uploading images again all at the same time, and in part to the new users who got a free Premium and started to use the website. I had to scale all services up :-) Plus I have to cover some refund requests, but luckily not many.

Anyway, if you really feel like you want to help (I struggle with accepting this because it was my mistake…smile you can do it via PayPal at

Please don't feel like you have to, but since you asked, I'm sure you don't.

Much appreciated, donation or not, for the encouraging words!
26 Feb, 2020 22:57
Mistakes happen and as far as I understand, astrobin is a more or less a single man project. Getting a project of such a scale alone or even with a small team is no easy task. From my point of view, those blaming you for your mistake don't really grasp the scale of things you've put together and would expect the same level of service that they get from google & co.

"But we paid" they could argue. Yeah you did. You paid for infrastructure costs, human time and devotion. Something you don't have to do with google & co cause you're already paying. You're just not using your credit card, that's all smile And as far as the commercial part goes, you've done more than enough with the premium membership giveaway.

I'd be curious to see the actual cost of running astrobin every month. It must be… astronomical smile
27 Feb, 2020 01:12
Dear Salvatore,

I wanted to wait until things calmed down to post some words of encouragement, adding to the chorus of those who feel Astrobin is an irreplaceable community of which we are glad to be a part. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t lose much. I have extensive backups of everything and I save all of my processing steps because I don’t use Abin as a storage platform. It would have been straight forward for me to upload replacements. That said, I’m part of Astrobin for the community, the feedback, the resources and learning, and the FUN! What you do is extraordinary, especially given that this is not your primary job. I’ve been on Astrobin for many years (before paid plans) and I was happy and willing to pay - it’s well worth it. I went straight to a premium membership when it started and not just because I wanted more uploads - I wanted to support the site and its mission (as well as it’s creator!). Your transparency, honesty, and dedication during this loss has been laudable. These things happen. This is not a corporate site but rather the efforts of one person doing his best - a labor of love. I’m happy to donate to help the “recovery” and hope that this makes us stronger moving forward.

All the best,
27 Feb, 2020 01:28
Don't really feel that I deserve a free upgrade, so have hopefully sent a donation that makes the difference from my existing 'Lite' to the new 'Premium'. This very unfortunate incident has helped me appreciate Astrobin more and consequently I've updated and added more images and data. As I only lost 20 or so images I can appreciate that I was lucky compared to some, but I felt guilty taking advantage of your misfortune when it has in fact benefited me significantly.

Having said that, I would now appreciate if you would ask the powers that be to send me some clear skies, I've done virtually no imaging for nearly two months!  smile

I wish you well - David
27 Feb, 2020 01:36
This is a great site - I am a premium user and do not need additional compensation - we all learn and move on - thank you
27 Feb, 2020 03:42
Please do not compensate me.  I only had 8 pictures up and had only been posting images for 3 months or so.  I appreciate it but I would rather support than take from you.
27 Feb, 2020 11:47
Hi Salvatore

I am a premium member and do not want compensation.

The service that you provide to the AB community is enough. Thank you for your dedication.

Gary Lopez
27 Feb, 2020 15:45
The compensation is that Astrobin continues to work, I don't need anything else.
Edited 27 Feb, 2020 15:45
27 Feb, 2020 16:04
I am also a premium member, and don't want any compensation for the data loss. If there is any compensation offered to premium users, please make sure it's opt-in, otherwise I will need to return it.
27 Feb, 2020 16:05
Hi Salvatore,

I guess everything that has be said about the data loss has been said already.

Your reaction and openness after the incident has been exceptionally good. I have read that you will engage with some users who have more experience with AWS and I think that is a very smart move. If you need a sparring partner to discuss your business model or technical strategies moving forward, please feel free to reach out to me. I have been a Chief Technical Officer for one of the largest IT vendors in the US before my retirement. Astrobin is an important resource for our community and if I can contribute a little, I am more than happy to do so.

Clear skies,
27 Feb, 2020 16:05
Thank you all who have made donations and have said that they don't want compensation! I will surely made it opt-in since it seems that most people don't want it! smilesmile
27 Feb, 2020 16:57
Hi Salvatore

I am a premium member and do not want compensation.
Thanks for your commitment
27 Feb, 2020 19:53

nicely done. I lost more than 100 pictures, only few left … but my very first was there ;-). I would personnaly take the opportunity to clean up my gallery and let only a few good ones. Would there be a way to "delete" quickly?


27 Feb, 2020 20:01
nicely done. I lost more than 100 pictures, only few left … but my very first was there ;-). I would personnaly take the opportunity to clean up my gallery and let only a few good ones. Would there be a way to "delete" quickly?
Hi David, unfortunately there is are no bulk operations on AstroBin at the moment.
27 Feb, 2020 22:49
Right after restoring the 9 lonely images in my humble gallery, I immediately upgraded to a premium membership because I wanted to support this site. Thank you for providing this service, and please consider the membership I purchased as a donation!

-Todd Stephens
28 Feb, 2020 10:55
Hi Salvatore,

i am a premium user, i dont need compensation. I am just happy AB is still here  smile
Thank you!!

28 Feb, 2020 11:15
Can you delete damaged photos to start the gallery only with the most current ones? It's 8 years of photos and the first ones don't deserve to be uploaded again
28 Feb, 2020 14:57
Hi Salvatore,

As a premium member, I don't want any compensation. I did not lost many images (only 4 or 5) and quickly reuploaded them ; I did not suffered any desagreement (but it seems that I'm lucky…smile.

Astrobin is a great and unique place and I hope it will continue for a long time !

29 Feb, 2020 17:08
Well, I lost all 95 of my images including my profile picture (which was rather elaborate). Yes, I'd like to be compensated. This is still a fantastic website and resource. I refer folks to it all the time and will continue to use it.
01 Mar, 2020 23:25
Hi Salvatore,
First of all THANKS, not for your compensation but for all the work you do providing us this wonderful space where to share and learn one from each other. I personally don't need any compensation. I only had three images (all my production till now!) and I couldn't re-upload them yet because I am travelling abroad. As soon as I get back home I will upload them back again. Thanks you for your effort and dedication!!

Edited 01 Mar, 2020 23:26
02 Mar, 2020 02:56
Hi Salvatore, I lost 258 out 258 images and am slowly uploading them again.  I love this site and it has been a great benefit for me anyway.  I think you have done a great job keeping running as good as it has been.  I don't need any compensation. - Cheers Kurt
04 Mar, 2020 01:46
Oh man.  Stuff happens I guess.  Thanks for compensation anyway.  But please, remember that Jesus saves and so should you.   smile
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