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Happy 9th birthday AstroBin!

27 Nov, 2019 09:15
On this day 9 years ago I sat down to write the very first line of AstroBin's code. It's been a long journey, full of ups and downs!

For those who don't know, AstroBin is not a large company, and not even a small start-up. It's mostly a one-man's side project that grew to a decent size, but as of today, it remains relegated to the efforts I can spare in my free time!

Over the year I got some help: first and foremost from the team of volunteers who helped with the localization to 13 languages, and very importantly from the team of volunteers that run the IOTD show. I also got a few code contributions, but not as much as I hoped when I made AstroBin open-source. In any case, AstroBin wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for the very high quality of human beings that make up this community!

I'm very happy to provide this service to the astrophotography community, and I hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

Next year will be the 10th birthday, do anyone have some nice celebration ideas?

Clear skies to you all,
27 Nov, 2019 10:14
Congratulations on a fine Astrophotography website, it brings all nationalities together with a common interest.

What about a 10 year imaging contest for the best in 10 years.  Every-one gets to submit say their 5 best images, and then members vote for winners.  Have winners 1 - 3.

Plus a separate contest for those images done from backyard also winners 1 - 3.

This could be done slowly over year 9, with the results published on the 10th Anniversary.

Or is this a challenge too difficult?

Edited 27 Nov, 2019 10:16
27 Nov, 2019 12:28
Thank you for the wonderful work, Salvatore.
27 Nov, 2019 13:48
Congratulations Salvatore, is wonderful resource and appreciate all the effort you have put into Astrobin!
27 Nov, 2019 14:09
Thanks for all your efforts Salvatore, happy to be a small part of it. \m/
27 Nov, 2019 20:27
Congratulations Salvatore! Over the years, AstroBin has become a wonderful world, thanks for all.

27 Nov, 2019 20:36
Congratulations on 9 years of many, Salvatore! Thank you for creating this platform for us to share & enjoy our work as people who engage in this hobby! This site is where I can talk to people every single day about the hobby I love. People around me see the pictures I take and think it's cool, sure, but the community at large here on AstroBin is where the fun truly resides!

Wishing you all the best,
27 Nov, 2019 21:06
Pretty darn good for a one-man show!
27 Nov, 2019 22:17
Thanks Salvatore, and congratulations!
27 Nov, 2019 22:18
congrats,its a great site where pro`s and amateurs meet.
27 Nov, 2019 23:01
Congratulations Astrobin and a huge THANK YOU Salvatore for this fantastic site where we can show our work and share our beloved passion for astrophotography.Greetings to all and clear skies.
27 Nov, 2019 23:46
Thanks for a superb site! I've always loved the way Astrobin is data-centric. I've learned a tremendous amount from watching what other users do, and look forward to learning a lot more!
28 Nov, 2019 00:55
Congratulations and thank you!  Astrobin is one of the few sites I check nearly every day!  I've got so many "friends" here that I've never met!
28 Nov, 2019 12:43
Thank you so much for creating such a site that drives our passion and gives us the pleasant feeling of belonging to a beautiful community.
CS, Patrick
28 Nov, 2019 15:11
Congratulations  on the anniversary  your work is much appreciated and  the value of this site to us users  has grown. Keep up the good work . :-)   John
28 Nov, 2019 16:44

Congratulations and thank you for 9 years of hard work to get this site up and running, to say nothing of keeping it going and providing continued improvements.  Not only does Astrobin provide us a place to display our work, but it has also pushed me to continue to improve my imaging and processing techniques by allowing me to view and study other peoples work.  It has introduced me to fellow imagers whom I have been able to contact for recommendations on equipment and processing.  It allows me to locate new targets to attempt imaging myself.  And it provides all of us an incredible view of our galaxy, and the Universe beyond.

Edited 28 Nov, 2019 16:50
28 Nov, 2019 19:45
Astrobin is open source? This is news to me. Should perhaps advertise that aspect a bit more. Where's the repo?

Many thanks for your years of effort!
28 Nov, 2019 19:58
Wow!  You should be very proud!  Congratulations for you and a big thanks from all the folks like me who are learning and sharing all at the same time.

All the best,
28 Nov, 2019 20:06
A one man project, who has brought together 30,000 plus astronomer - astrophotographer from everywhere on earth, is an amazing accomplishement.

Happy Birthday Astrobin
29 Nov, 2019 01:45
Thanks for a superb site! smilesmile
29 Nov, 2019 05:52
Working solo myself, accordingly I can appreciate and relate to your outstanding, hard work.
Guess when you look at code you wrote years ago, you can't remember how you hit on it.
You are connecting people magnitudes better than Facebook.
How to celebrate the 10th? When in Rome, do as the Romans do, with Grappa :-)
30 Nov, 2019 20:29
Congratulations on building a fantastic community and platform for like minded hobbyists and professionals. Here's to the next 90!
01 Dec, 2019 18:57
It is a great resource to astrophotographers worldwide, and one of my favorite websites to visit. Congratulations Salvatore!  smile

Benny Colyn
Astrobin is open source? This is news to me. Should perhaps advertise that aspect a bit more. Where's the repo?

Link to the repo is in the footer of each page: Site Links-> Source Code
02 Dec, 2019 08:48
Thanks Salvatore
It was a genius idea for the astronomical community.
02 Dec, 2019 18:47
Congratulations AstroBin. If the world could come together as the members of AstroBin do here what a wonderful Planet Earth we
would have.
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