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Heads up: major AstroBin update expected on Friday night CEST

24 Mar, 2020 22:13
On Friday night, unless any big problems pop up in the meantime, I will push a major update to AstroBin.

I will try to perform the update with no downtime, but I cannot guarantee it. So if you should see some error messages that AstroBin is temporarily unavailable, please don't worry :-)

There will be some new features and some changes.

Please consider some of the new stuff as "beta"… I did my best to test everything as thoroughly as I could, but I'm sure 10,000 of you can test better than 1 of me… So if you'll find any bugs or issues, please be patient and report them and I will fix them in no time.

Looking forward to sharing the new stuff!  smile
24 Mar, 2020 22:16
Thanks, Salvatore!
24 Mar, 2020 22:56
I always drink A LOT more a couple days before d-day

soooo many emotions, mainly this one 🙏
25 Mar, 2020 00:36
Thank You Salvatore for all your hard work you do for maintaining this site.  smile
27 Mar, 2020 21:31
In a few minutes, AstroBin will go into read-only mode for a big upgrade. It shouldn't take long.
27 Mar, 2020 21:34
Salvatore Iovene
In a few minutes, AstroBin will go into read-only mode for a big upgrade. It shouldn't take long.
27 Mar, 2020 21:41
So that's why I can see "You do not allowed to view this page"…
28 Mar, 2020 07:03
Wow, so i actually have to pay money to be able to search the big wall after this.
What a sad day for us newcomers looking to learn some tricks about exposures and settings…  smile
28 Mar, 2020 07:11
Only for advanced filters. Keyword search works as before. And Lite is only 20 CHF for a while year!
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