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iMPORTANT: in a few hours AstroBin will be in READ ONLY mode for about one hour

17 Feb, 2018 14:06
the past three weeks have been ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, and I apologize if I have been less responsive than usual with user support. I have worked on making AstroBin's infrastructure more modular. This results in a few advantage for all of us:

  • AstroBin is easier to maintain, so I can spend less time worrying about the infrastructure and more time adding features and fixing bugs
  • AstroBin is now extremely easy to deploy to whatever server
  • In theory, because I will deploy to a server infrastructure that allows effortless vertical and horizontal scaling, AstroBin should be also faster
This afternoon (GMT+1) I will perform the migration, and this means that for about an hour (certainly no more than two) AstroBin will be in READ ONLY mode. This means no uploads, no editing,  no likes, no comments, etc. But the site will have no interruptions of service for just browsing and viewing images.

After the migration is completed, please be patient if it turns out I forgot something and something is broken. I got a lot of help from volunteers here who tested but AstroBin is a large and complex system, and I manage it all alone, so please once again, just let me know if something broke and I will fix it.

I will update this message with the current status of the operation as I proceed.

Thank you for reading and for being amazing users! smile
17 Feb, 2018 17:40
We're back! Please report any problems here. Thanks!
17 Feb, 2018 21:35
So far so good  smile
17 Feb, 2018 21:47
Yep, everything is fine so far …

Joerg  smile
17 Feb, 2018 22:34
Hi there,

I am trying to upload an image and it is getting the resolution wrong.  This image is actually around 5000 x 3500 pixels.  Also was showing earlier a very inaccurate plate solved pixel scale of around 2.75 instead of the correct .57.  Thanks!

Dean Fournier
17 Feb, 2018 22:44
Hi Dean, please get in touch privately about this and let know which image that is. Thanks!
17 Feb, 2018 23:42
Sorry..I forgot to send the link.  I'll PM you.
27 Apr, 2019 05:28
merci Salvatore pour le job….
super site
Jean Pierre _ France _ Avignon
17 Mar, 2020 04:46
Bonjour Salvatore

ou sont passés les avatars ???
vont ils revenir ?
c'est mineur…
17 Mar, 2020 05:34
Some of the broken/lost images I have tried to reupload have a red border and are washed out and dim
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