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Maximum file upload size raised from 100 MB to 200 MB

23 Feb, 2018 20:04
it was brought to my attention that file uploads larger than 100 MB were failing with a connection error. AstroBin has one of its strength with the offering of unlimited storage space to its premium members, and not applying any compression to your high quality images, so I have raised the limit to 200 MB. It's a practical limit of course, not an artificial one. But I believe that should be enough even for very large mosaics!

Hope you find this useful!
08 Feb, 2019 15:01
I have tried to upload a mosaic in jpg format with 103 mb file size and the upload fails with a connection error. When i downsample to 50% the upload goes fine.
08 Feb, 2019 15:50
I am also having issues. My file was 156MB and it failed with connection error.
10 Feb, 2019 13:14
Hi all,
I can confirm that there is an issue since I started using an AWS Elastic Load Balancer. AstroBin's own limit is set to 200 MB but the load balancer seems to have its own limit. I will investigate.
Edited 10 Feb, 2019 13:14
11 Feb, 2019 23:59
Was noticing the same issue.

Thanks, Salvatore!
26 Feb, 2019 02:51
Is this still an issue? I am getting a 503 error when uploading an 80mb image.
26 Feb, 2019 07:24
Yes, sorry, this is still an issue.
27 Apr, 2019 02:19
I just had problems (110 mb file)
15 Sep, 2019 21:08

I did not succed to exceed 32 Mb file size . Is it normal ?

16 Sep, 2019 06:54
Hi all. This is still an issue. I have one idea to fix this easily, I can try it tonight. If it doesn't work, I will need to change the upload process to do the image verification asynchronously so it will require a bit more work, and I can get it done within a couple of weeks. Sorry all about the inconvenience!
16 Sep, 2019 21:53
Hi all,
I believe I just solved it! I tried a 114 MB jpg and it worked smile
16 Sep, 2019 23:17
still not working for me, tried to upload a 39 Mb PNG pictures and got an error message.  smile
Edited 17 Sep, 2019 18:09
17 Sep, 2019 05:21
Mehdi, is the error till "502"?
17 Sep, 2019 13:53
I'm sorry , I've open separate thread , but this problem still exists. Tried to upload 15 Mb .png with negative result. No error message.
17 Sep, 2019 14:02
15 MB is not really a big file, AstroBin should handle it without problem. Can you explain exactly what happens, in as much detail as you can?
17 Sep, 2019 15:47
Standard procedure : Action>upload new version>( choose file from my computer) >start upload. Running….half an hour . Negative, hanged. Then I've tried JPEG file - ok. Then to eliminate bad file I,ve tried to upload .png file wchich is already uploaded to Astrobin- The same, negative. Negative means - upload bar is moving and nothing more.
Edited 17 Sep, 2019 15:48
17 Sep, 2019 16:23
Tried minute ago- not working. JPEG about 1.6 MB uloaded, PNG 15 MB not. The same name of file, the same size in pixels.
Edited 17 Sep, 2019 16:27
17 Sep, 2019 17:36
Just tried a few seconds ago, same ; 39.9 Mb PNG file  , error message is :
"Erreur! Image non valide ou manquante. Les formats autorisés sont JPG, PNG et GIF." as it is french  translation will be :
" Error ! Non valid image or missing . Authorized formats are JPG,PNG and JPG" . Obviously i checked that it is a PNG .

Hope it will help.

17 Sep, 2019 19:29
Can you guys with non working images send them to me? Please use Dropbox or WeTransfer or Google Drive or similar, to share large file. Email is Thanks!
17 Sep, 2019 19:57
For what it's worth, I just uploaded a 20 MB PNG and again as a revision (same image) with no problem. This is going to be hard to figure out!
17 Sep, 2019 20:17
will do .
For what it worth i think that my PNG file is not 16 bits ( didn't knew that's possible but darktable sa id to me that pictures is 4656x3520x24 . so 24 bits ?)  maybe it is an issue for the site ?
Edited 17 Sep, 2019 20:57
17 Sep, 2019 20:22
I don't think 24bit png should be a problem. I just tried after downloading a 24bit png demo from Wikipedia, and it works fine:

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