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New volunteers needed for IOTD Selection board 2020

28 Jan, 2020 15:21
I volunteer as a submitter or reviewer, the one you need more smile or even both
28 Jan, 2020 16:40
Salvatore and AstroBin community, it was a great pleasure to participate in the selection process in the past two years. I had the opportunity to see and review many great images, and I will certainly continue to participate on the great AstroBin community.

This year, however, I'd like to step aside and let new members come in and participate in the selection process.

Wish the new team all the best!

Best regards,
Edited 28 Jan, 2020 16:42
28 Jan, 2020 17:35
As I know there is quite a workload on submitters, so count me in as submitter.
28 Jan, 2020 19:47
Hi Salvatore,

I would like to volunteer as a submitter or reviewer, as it is needed.

Br, Peter
28 Jan, 2020 21:13
Towards the end of the year, it always seems that the team is running low on participation. Is there any possibility of expanding the teams, assuming there is enough people looking to volunteer to hopefully avoid this end of the year fatigue?

29 Jan, 2020 03:05
Hi Salvatore:

I would like to continue helping Astrobin. So I would accept any position you offer.

Tian Li
29 Jan, 2020 04:33
Hi Team,
I'm best qualified as a judge, and would prefer to revert to that role - that said, I'd also like my images to be considered for IOTD/TP - Surely we're all mature enough to make this work now?

In every other national & international photo comp I'm involved in around the world, Judges works are eligible, they just don't judge their own images!

So I propose that should a judges work get into the queue, the cross appears as it does now to prevent that judge from being able to choose their own image. We're scattered across the globe and as I personally don't know any of the other members of the team  I can't imaging there being any perceived favouritism. Also, we're not exactly voting for cash prizes or the front cover of Vogue so I don't see why it's still an issue.

I'd also happy to work on an image assessment & judging procedures manual that would be of benefit to all AB staff.

Cheers  smile
Edited 29 Jan, 2020 06:32
29 Jan, 2020 06:11
Hi Salvatore

I'll be glad to serve as a reviewer

29 Jan, 2020 06:37
Dear Salvatore!

After two years of being in the selection team, I would like to thank you the opportunity to participate in the IOTD selection. I really enjoyed it, but now I'd like to compete again. Maybe next year 2021) I will volunteer again.

Best regards to all of You.
29 Jan, 2020 07:24
I volunteer for reviewer  or else.
29 Jan, 2020 15:30
Hi Salvatore,

submitting images the last year was a lot of fun and a great experience.  However this year I don't have enough time to submit images on a daily basis. I would like to step aside and let new members participate in the selection progress.

Thanks a lot and clear skies
29 Jan, 2020 17:46
Hello Salvatore. i was a submiter in 2018 and steped aside in 2019. I would like to try reviewing.

Edited 29 Jan, 2020 17:48
29 Jan, 2020 17:46
Edited 29 Jan, 2020 17:47
30 Jan, 2020 19:02
Hi Salvatore

It would be great for me to apply as a submitter.

Best regards
30 Jan, 2020 19:17
I would be happy to help in any capacity you think appropriate, with the caveat that I only have a couple of years of experience…
31 Jan, 2020 02:26
Hi! I think I was a reviewer at 2016 …(time flies!) … If you guys have some room anywhere you need, Ill be pleased to contribute again  :-)
31 Jan, 2020 07:45
Hi Salvatore,

I would like to serve as a submitter, thanks! smile

Edited 31 Jan, 2020 07:46
31 Jan, 2020 08:36
I would be pleased to continue as a submitter or move to reviewer.
31 Jan, 2020 19:25
I am also available for whatever role is needed.
31 Jan, 2020 19:39
Hi Salvatore,

It would be an honor to be considered for a reviewer (preferred) or submitter position.


Edited 03 Feb, 2020 22:04
31 Jan, 2020 20:27
Salvatore, I'd like to accept the challenge to serve from the beginning as a submitter.

Min Xie from Coppell
31 Jan, 2020 23:44
I’d love to have an opportunity to work as a submitter or reviewer.
01 Feb, 2020 03:00
Hi Salvatore,

I would be happy to volunteer as a reviewer.

James (KiwiAstro)
Edited 01 Feb, 2020 03:00
02 Feb, 2020 08:19
Hi Salvatore,

I would like to serve as a Submitter.

Thank you,
02 Feb, 2020 12:25
Hi Salvatore
After years of being as a member in Astrobin I think this is the time to be in new horizons and have new challanges, So if you need someone as a judge,I like to be volunteer.Cheers.Mohammad smile
Edited 02 Feb, 2020 12:29
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