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Server issues July 16th 2018

17 Jul, 2018 11:27
Dear all,
I sincerely apologize for the partial downtime during the past 24 hours. The issue happened while I was unable to have an Internet connection, so I only found out about it 12 hours after the happening.

I worked late into the night with AstroBin's server provider, but it was only in the morning that a partial solution was achieved.

I am aware that recently there have been more accidents than normal. In February I migrated to a new hosting provider, lured by some exciting new tech that did make my server administration tasks easier. However, that also took a lot of power out of my hands, and as of today I have reverted to the pre 2018 hosting provider, with which I had always been very happy.

The occasional outages in the past few months were due sometimes to problems with the hosting provider, and a couple of times to problems with AstroBin. However, such problems would not have emerged on the old hosting provider, to which I just migrated again.

So, long story short, AstroBin is currently operational again, although there might still be some hiccups. I will monitor everything and react to problems if they arise.

Please let me know if something is not working for you!

Thank you all for your understanding. I realize that in the past few months there have been too many outages, and I am doing my best to stop these from happening again.

17 Jul, 2018 11:34
prima di tutto grazie e meno male che ci sei,  astrobin è molto bello,  un sincero e caro saluto   da    c.colombo
17 Jul, 2018 12:01
Thanks God 👍
17 Jul, 2018 12:18
Thanks for all the hard work Salvatore.
17 Jul, 2018 12:21
I already thought Salvatore has taken a flight to South America.
17 Jul, 2018 12:50
Hi Sal,
Thanks for fixing the problem and explaining what happened. Reverting to the previous hosting provider sounds like a good decision.
Best regards, Geof
17 Jul, 2018 13:28
Thanks again for the job. I m not sure  the search fonction is workable.

17 Jul, 2018 13:30
Thanks for your hard work Salvatore!
17 Jul, 2018 13:34
Hello Salvatore
Thanks for all your work
Edited 17 Jul, 2018 13:35
17 Jul, 2018 13:46
Thanks for the job.

17 Jul, 2018 14:15
Thank's for your hard work, Salvatore!

I did read your message on Twitter yesterday, thank's for keeping us informed:

17 Jul, 2018 15:13
Oh wow, without ABin I didn't even know what to do with myself yesterday!  You're the best Salvatore and we appreciate all of your hard work and this amazing site and community!

17 Jul, 2018 15:17
Thank you guys for being so appreciative! A different audience would've blamed me for the downtime smile
17 Jul, 2018 15:22
Not sure this is related, but for the past several days, I've not been able to get into the Moderate Submission Queue.  I get a Bad Gateway error.  I had hoped this reset would solve the issue, but I just tried again with the same result.

17 Jul, 2018 15:23
Seems to happen every time!  I tried once again after I sent the message and it opened up.  Sorry.

17 Jul, 2018 16:41
Salvatore one little thing :on my mobile likes that I click on the global stream seem not to work
17 Jul, 2018 16:43
Thanks for your hard work, Sal!
17 Jul, 2018 17:04
Thanks for the update and your hard work, Salvatore!
17 Jul, 2018 17:05
FYI Salvatore, and not a big issue for me, but 4 or was it 5 comments to this/my M27 summer picture,
are not there anymore, the comments have been deleted.
Best regards Niels
17 Jul, 2018 17:18
Many thanks Salvatore for all the work you put in!!! smile
17 Jul, 2018 17:18
Hi Salvatore,

Same for me !

Sometimes comments are displayed, sometimes not. It is the same for "like", it happens that the click does not work. It's pretty random.

Best regards

17 Jul, 2018 17:41
Thanks for solving the issue.
As other people have remarked – old comments seem to be gone!
Also, total and average integration times, shown in the gallery page, are 0.0 hours.
17 Jul, 2018 17:47
What can I say about this downtime?… No comment! smile It's a joke.. what I mean is that everything related to comments seems to don't work, I can't see the old ones and I can't post new ones.
17 Jul, 2018 17:48
Hello Salvatore,

first of all, many thanks for your powerful engagement and hard work for Astrobin. Now, concerning with the latest issues, it is currently not possible to change the language in Astrobin. When I chose "german Language" the language in Astrobin remains "english".

best wishes and regards

17 Jul, 2018 18:08
I will fix the language issue soon, that’s an easy one. Regarding comments, can somebody link me a picture where some comments are missing?
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