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Upload message

08 Jan, 2020 22:06
What does this actually mean ? "You uploaded a pretty large file. For that reason, AstroBin couldn't verify that it's a valid image."
Ola Skarpen
09 Jan, 2020 06:17
For files over 20 mb, AstroBin does not attempt to open the file to verify that it's actually an image (and not a movie, word document, whatever).

So the only check is the file extension (must be png, jpg, jpeg, or gif).

So for a small file, if you uploaded a word document renamed to png extension, AstroBin would realise and stop you right there. For a large file it would let it thru but obviously thumbnail generation would fail later.

This is done for memory optimization reasons.
09 Jan, 2020 06:47
09 Jan, 2020 08:36
Dear all,

I have a somewhat related question, not sure if I should start a new thread. I can' find the answer on the forum, apologies if I missed it.
Here it is: I output my color images as 48 bits PNGs. I thus get that upload message each time I upload. But then if I download my own image I get back a 24 bits JPEG. I conclude that I'm uploading unecessarily large files that are converted and compressed anyway. The compression seems to be almost lossless, but for all the pixel peepers out there smile is it possible to know what JPEG compression is applied? More generally, are there any upload guidelines:recommandations on file format, pixel depth compression etc. that one should know about ?

Thank you for a great platform, there is really some beautiful stuff, a dynamic community and a lot to learn on AstroBin!

Edited 09 Jan, 2020 08:56
09 Jan, 2020 09:26
Hi  Frédéric,
I'm not sure if AstroBin supports 48-bit PNGs, I will have to take a look and get back.
09 Jan, 2020 09:35
They do get uploaded fine smile
I was only wondering what would be the best upload format to use since an image uploaded as 48 bits PNG ends up being downloaded as 24 bits JPEG.
09 Jan, 2020 09:47
All thumbnails (this includes high resolution thumbnails, like full view and "real size" view) get converted to JPG without compression and with 100% quality setting. You can still upload your 48-bit png for archival purposes (I will add a button to download the original upload, only available to the owner), but for viewing purposes, anything more than 24-bit JPG is wasted.
09 Jan, 2020 09:57
Thanks very much for the answer Salvatore, I'll upload 24 bits version from now on!

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