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WARNING: major server upgrade tomorrow morning (central European time) on AstroBin

31 Oct, 2017 20:32
a huge weight sets off my heart as I tell you that I am now quite confident that I can release an update to AstroBin's server that will:

  1. Upgrade the operating system to a more recent version
  2. Upgrade all the major infrastructure components to more recent versions
  3. Upgrade all the third party library dependencies to more recent versions
This is vastly important for the long-term longevity of this project, and of course because of security concerns. From now on I promise to be more diligent and do monthly upgrade cycles so that I won't have to face such a huge burden again, but smaller, incremental upgrades will be easier to test and handle.

Anyway, please be prepared for any or all of the following:

  • hours of downtime tomorrow morning (central European time)
  • possible instability
  • possible bugs
  • possible performance issues
Your data of course is safe and in good hands. I have daily database backups. The worst-case scenario (which sounds far fetched) is that I'll need to rollback the server to a pre-upgrade snapshot after the new upgraded software has been deployed for some time, so we might lose some hours/days of data. But that is very pessimistic, so you shouldn't worry about it.

Thank you all for your understanding!
31 Oct, 2017 20:52
Thank you for all the efforts. I keep my fingers crossed that the upgrade runs smoothly.
01 Nov, 2017 08:44
The Translations server has been brought down now.
01 Nov, 2017 10:45
AstroBin is up again! Please let me know if you find any problems and regressions. I've tested as much as I could but you never know :-)

Before anybody start asking about the AstroBin Index and the Search and the Wall… please allow 24 hours for the search index to be rebuilt!
Edited 01 Nov, 2017 10:47
01 Nov, 2017 11:07
When accessing on my phone (mobile site), all the menu options look to be displaying Japanese characters with no text.
01 Nov, 2017 11:54
my astrobin index is  back to zero…0
lucky my photos are still there.
01 Nov, 2017 11:55
I cannot see any comments nor can I comment on any image.
01 Nov, 2017 12:21
It appears that none of my GIFs will display, others are fine but the GIFs just show "Loading"
01 Nov, 2017 12:28
Working on all these problems.
01 Nov, 2017 12:28
I agree, GIF will not load. Also, for what it is worth, my index is also back to  00.00.0.
01 Nov, 2017 12:32
It seems that time travels have been implemented as well   smile
Edited 01 Nov, 2017 12:34
01 Nov, 2017 12:36
Thanks Salvatore for your work, we know this is one HUGE software and rolling out new versions almost always have a hitch or two. We all are hooked on this so you have junkies needing their fix.  Keep up the good work and we will try to stand by.
01 Nov, 2017 13:45
Comments are fixed. The most pressing problem, tho, is that thumbnail generation is failing for the production server while they work if I run them in debug mode…
01 Nov, 2017 14:27
Okay, thumbnails fixed. If you have an image with broken thumbnails, click on "Actions -> Flag malfunctioning thubnails"
Edited 01 Nov, 2017 14:27
01 Nov, 2017 14:48
Notification e-mails arrive with a generic text and no other data (user name, subject, link to image):

Subject : []
From : AstroBin <>
To : *********************

Message body:
You have received the following notice from New image revision from a user you follow To see other notices or change how you receive notifications, please go to

The received mail *source* looks like this:
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: []
From: AstroBin <>
To: ****************************
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2017 14:14:41 -0000
Message-ID: <>
Content-Length: 944

MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Hi! You have a new notification on AstroBin:
Masahiro Takahashi has published a new image revision! Check it out at the following url:
To see all your notifications, please go to

If you don't want to receive emails anymore, edit your preferences by going to


Clear skies,
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

You have received the following notice from

New image revision from a user you follow

To see other notices or change how you receive notifications, please go to

There are two "versions" of the message: one with the user info and link, and a "version" with no info whatsoever.
Edited 01 Nov, 2017 14:57
01 Nov, 2017 15:04
Salvatore, I understand you have a lot to sort through and I'm perfectly fine having patience while you work through these.

In the interest to get you some feedback on problems, here is what I'm seeing on my end….

1. Icons don't show almost anywhere on the site. These include dropdown menus, like and follow buttons, user panel dropdown, image statistics, IOTD trophies, etc.

2. As mentioned the notification emails are now generic with no specifics on users or images.

3. GIFs do not load.
01 Nov, 2017 15:06
GIFs are fixed now.
01 Nov, 2017 16:16
Notifications should be back to normal too.
01 Nov, 2017 16:17
AB with latest Firefox is totally broken
01 Nov, 2017 16:19
It's not with Firefox, it's when using HTTPS. Use HTTP while I fix it :-)
01 Nov, 2017 16:56
Icons and HTTPS are fixed.
01 Nov, 2017 17:20
Hello, Astrobin index reset to 0.

Thanks for the work smile

01 Nov, 2017 17:26
Please allow another 12 hours or so for the indexes to be restored (and for the Search/Wall/Stats to work again).
01 Nov, 2017 17:36
my index is ok
01 Nov, 2017 17:47
Roberto Colombari
my index is ok
Yes, we are about half way thru now with the script :-)
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