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I agree

Well this is embarrassing ...

29 Aug, 2019 17:47
It looks like I accidentally sent a mass email TO EVERYBODY regarding discounts on AstroBin Premium.

This was not intended, and the dummy I am, I made a programming error that made that happen.

As you will also see from the badly formatted content, the email was also a work in progress.

If I start getting thousands of replies with requests for clarifications, I might send another email explaining what happened, like I just did on this forum post.

My sincerest apologies for the accident.

PS: regular emails might be a bit delayed for a few hours.

Sorry again!
29 Aug, 2019 19:40
*phew* As i first read the headline, i thought something really bad has happened… But this is totally not the case. And - by the way - i did not receive an email from AstroBin  smile So, don't bother, Salvatore!
29 Aug, 2019 19:48
You probably will… 38000 emails have been enqueued and it takes time… 🤦🏻‍♂️
29 Aug, 2019 22:26
I still want my 30% discount!  smile
30 Aug, 2019 06:39
David Billo
I still want my 30% discount!  smile

You will get another email soon if you are eligible and your settings allow marketing emails from AstroBin. Otherwise just visit the subscriptions page to find out :-)
01 Sep, 2019 06:16
Salvatore, you are not at all a dummy. I am programming in PHP/SQL myself and errors are happening every time.
You did great on Astrobin!
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