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Win prizes and influence the future of AstroBin by taking this 5 minute survey

25 Feb, 2018 22:43
I would like to ask you to complete a 5 minute user survey related to astrophotography and AstroBin.

My goal is to make AstroBin better for everybody, and to do so I need to listen to my users.

If you want to influence AstroBin's future, and also give your opinion on some controversial topics like the Image of the Day, this is your chance.

It doesn't take long and all the questions are easy to answer:

And guess what, you can win prizes by completing the survey! That's right, this is what's on offer:

  • 1 lifetime Premium membership on AstroBin
  • 10 one-year Premium memberships on AstroBin
  • 20 high quality data sets offered by the Deep Sky West
  • 20 coupons valid for a 15% discount on products by Lunático Astronomia
The winners will be selected randomly among all those who will complete the survey.
Edited 25 Feb, 2018 22:44
25 Feb, 2018 23:12
PS: would be great if you guys could share it with your friends who are not on AstroBin. That's a big part of the survey, to try and understand how can I make AstroBin better not only for those who already use it, but also for those who don't.
26 Feb, 2018 05:02
Done. Thanks!
26 Feb, 2018 05:34
Done, nice idea……..
26 Feb, 2018 07:40
Great idea, submitted already (saw the Twitter announcement) There is no "open" question, here is my suggestion: I think new Astrobin users have a hard time finding people to follow because there is no general user overview (Or i completely missed that…smile
26 Feb, 2018 10:18
(As per one of the questions) I am happy for astro related ads to help make the site pay for itself so long as they are not annoying by flicking on and off or getting in the way of what you are trying to do on the site.

A buy/sell section could be useful but per country, so you can select which country you are happy to sell to.  (Just in idea).

Edited 26 Feb, 2018 10:19
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