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The AstroBin releases thread

11 Nov, 2018 14:48
Hi Stefan, thanks for the report. There was actually no bug, but the compilation of translated messages was no automated so I forgot during the migration. I automated it so it should not happen again smile
11 Nov, 2018 17:05
Hi Salvatore,

all is ok now, thank you so much for answering and have a nice restsunday

many greetings
11 Nov, 2018 17:23
I am glad to report that thanks to this latest update that I mentioned today, I was able to scale AstroBin to 3 virtual instances and fully utilize the new and more powerful server. I will monitor actual numbers over the next few days, but to me things look extremely fast!
11 Nov, 2018 19:30
As a final performance upgrade, I have moved the database from the same server as all the other services ran, to a dedicated AWS RDS instance. I can immediately the extra boost in speed! I'm very happy now with the performance, and I will not touch it for a while. So please enjoy the stability for a long time now! I will get back to working on features and bug fixes smile
11 Nov, 2018 21:51
That's great news. Performance is indeed good. Thanks Salvatore!
24 Nov, 2018 09:49
2018-11-23 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.31.1
 * (infra) Fix STATIC_ROOT setting to be compatible with django-storages 1.7

2018-11-23 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.31.0
 * (search) Rehaul search module
 * (infra) Fix plate-solving on local development mode
 * (infra) Remove references to wdb for debugging
 * (infra) Remove obsolete field Image.objects_in_field
 * (infra) Autoformat scss file
 * (docker) Export ports, share code with compose
 * (profile) Add short cut to editing own avatar
 * (profile) Fix broken HTML tag
 * (docker) Do db migrate AstroBin image on start-up
 * (docker) Perform message compilation at build time
 * (docker) Always clean after apt-get install to save on image size
 * (docker) Slim down images by not installing recommended packages
 * (docker) Lock nginx version to 1.15
 * (docker) Add file logging to celery beat
 * (docker) Make the stack prefix "docker" to be compatible with compose
 * (infra) Add missing semi-colons to nginx configuration file
New release! The most notable improvement with this release is the rehaul of the search page.
This introduces the following features:

 - Add/remove search filters dynamically - Add ability to search comments and forum posts - Add filters for astrometry data - Add filter to find only animated images - Add filter to exclude images with insufficient data from the results - Add filter to find images by country (and city as search term too)

I have also retired the Big Wall, as you can do with the search everything that you could do with the Big Wall. I will only do an additional improvement so that the search page shows all latest images by default, to look like the old Wall. Maybe call it "The Big Wall of Search" to make everyone happy smile

24 Nov, 2018 10:55
Great work, Salvatore! Love the search by astrometry details.
24 Nov, 2018 14:50
A huge improvement! Very very nice. Thank you!
28 Nov, 2018 20:54
This is a series of small bug fixes release I've deployed recently:

2018-11-25 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.32.5
 * (style) Hide content overflowing out of main container

2018-11-25 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.32.4
 * (search) Set image domain as default for menu entry

2018-11-25 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.32.3
 * (search) Fix z-index issues
 * (search) Exclude missing images from search results
 * (search) Add management command to update index

2018-11-25 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.32.2
 * (astrometry) Revert: Fix plate-solving on local development mode

2018-11-25 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.32.1
 * (search) Add uploaded sorting to Wall/Search link in menu

2018-11-24 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.32.0
 * (search) Change filter animation from shake to pop-in
 * (search) Finalize Big Wall / Search merger by showing all images by default
 * (travis) Login with docker early on and use "run" to run tests in compose mode
 * (i18n) Add support for en-GB locale
 * (search) Fix accidental limitation in search indexes
 * (infra) Fix fresh installation start-up issues
I have additionally hot-fixed to the live server a small fix for the displayed "Last post" time in the forum and topic lists.
02 Dec, 2018 14:25
2018-12-02 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.33.1
 * (images) Fix histogram on PNG images with alpha channel
 * (images) Make debugging thumbnailing easier
 * (images) Minor code quality fixes to histogram thumbnail processor
 * (notifications) Fix localization of notification settings
 * (cookies) Move cookielaw js out of pipeline and remove cookie banner from maintenance pag

2018-12-02 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.33.0
 * (i18n) Update Italian and Romanian translations
 * (i18n) Updarte link to translation server
 * (i18n) Update script to push/pull translations from translation server
 * (i18n) Update language files
 * (infra) Add cookie consent banner
 * (admin) Fix broken IOTD admin view
 * (homepage) Fix overflow of the #why-astrobin carousel on the anonymous user homepage
 * (forums) Fix forum "last post" time
 * (infra) Fix nginx HTTPS redirects
 * (ci) Do collectstatic before testing on travis-ci test container
 * (ci) Use docker-compose run to run tests on travis-ci
02 Dec, 2018 22:52
2018-12-02 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]*om>
 * v1.34.0
 * (notifications) Add notifications for users with images lacking a "Remote source"
 * (notifications) Add notifications for users with images lacking a "Data source"
 * (docker) Make debugging emails easier via dummy SMTP container
 * (images) Add "Remote source" field to specify remote hosting facility
 * (search) Fix image badges being on top of search filter dropdowns
04 Dec, 2018 23:39
2018-12-05 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.35.0
 * (i18n) Update messages
 * (comments) Improve UI of highlighted comment
 * (comments) Do not nest comments on small screens
 * (comments) Let superuser reply to own comments for debugging purposes
 * (search) Rename "Search type" filter to "Search by" for clarity
 * (images) Add "Non-commercial independent facility" to remote sources
 * (notifications) Add new lines to data/remote source emails
 * (i18n) Fix issue in string
 * (inbox) Apply minor UI improvements
 * (images) Add Sky Ranch Observatory to the list of remote sources
 * (search) Add the remote source display to the image index
 * (search) Allow the remote_source field of the Image index to be null
 * (images) Add ChileScope to the list of remote data sources
 * (images) Fix displaying of data source on technical card
05 Dec, 2018 20:49
2018-12-05 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.36.1
 * (search) Add filter for IOTD and Top Picks
 * (infra) Rename Pootle in/ files to download/upload for clarity
 * (i18n) Disable no-wrap options of makemessages as it conflicts with Pootle
 * (i18n) Fix missing localization of notification settings
 * (quality) Fix typo in Changelog
Please note: the new search filters for IOTD and Top Picks will be available in about 12 hours after the search index has updated.
06 Dec, 2018 06:43
Ready! And now you can do some interesting queries:

The most liked IOTDs:
The most liked Top Picks:
IOTDs from the backyard:

And so on smile
06 Dec, 2018 16:47
Hi Salvatore,

well done, great. Thank you so much for your strong engagement. Now, it will be time to think a little about other things like computing smile .

Have a nice upcoming weekend without computer issues

Edited 06 Dec, 2018 21:35
07 Dec, 2018 17:24
Is Advent season Salvatore, thanks for all new things, now is time take rest and enjoy holidays!
07 Dec, 2018 18:49
Actually for me the holidays are a time to double up and do more AstroBin work as I will have some free time from my super busy day job 😁
07 Dec, 2018 18:49
Actually for me the holidays are a time to double up and do more AstroBin work as I will have some free time from my super busy day job 😁
08 Dec, 2018 01:25
Salvatore Iovene
Ready! And now you can do some interesting queries:The most liked IOTDs:
The most liked Top Picks:
IOTDs from the backyard:

And so on smile

Perfect!  Just what Inwas hoping for - a way to find the best representations of the various targets.

Thanks Salvatore!
20 Dec, 2018 21:43
2018-12-20 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.37.0
 * (search) Add Slooh and AstroHostel to list of remote observatories
 * (api) Add Top Picks to v1 API

06 Mar, 2019 21:17
2019-03-06 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.39.1
 * (landing) Fix broken link
 * (landing) Fix styling issue caused by uglification

2019-03-05 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.39.0
 * (deps) Update numpy to 1.16.2
 * (ci) Simplify Travis configuration
 * (images) Add Lijiang Gemini Observatory to the list of remote sources
 * (subscriptions) Fix leap year bug afftecting Free and Lite subscriptions
 * (landing) Introduce new landing page for anonymous users

2019-02-10 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.38.2
 * (infra) Upgrade to node 10
 * (i18n) Update translations

2019-01-21 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.38.1
 * (infra) Make contain_image_cache task stick to hardcoded 7-day retention policy

2019-01-07 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.38.0
 * (search) Add MaRIO and Stellar Skies to list of remote observatories
07 Mar, 2019 21:47
2019-03-07 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.39.2
 * (landing) Fix typos
 * (landing) Fix mobile issues
25 May, 2019 15:18

2019-05-25 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.40.0
 * (general) Add geoip support to detect user country
 * (general) Fix issues with relative links behaving incorrectly
 * (image) Add support for EAA/Lucky imaging/Drawings as "Acquisition type"
 * (forum) Add support for content moderators to mark multiple forum topics as spam

2019-04-29 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.39.3
 * (ads) Fix ad delivery
 * (forms) Replace action="." with action="" to avoid redirect issues
 * (gallery, image edit) Fix unwanted page redirects
26 Aug, 2019 18:39
2019-08-26 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.41.2
 * (docs) Fix FAQ links
 * (images) Prevent deleted images from getting undeleted
 & (iotd) Prevent deleted images to still appear on IOTD archive

2019-07-14 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.41.0
 * (geoip) Use country_code instead of country, as expected by frontend
 * (ci) Fix geoip test
 * (images) Make warning about missing gear on edit page more obvious
 * (images) Allow revision upload without notification
 * (email) Do not deliver email to addresses with a complaint
 * (docs) Fix mistake in README
 * (iotd) Remove unused variable and format file
 * (thumbs) Add url parameters to force synchronous retrieval
 * (general) Add alert message to resolve email complaint issues
 * (notifications) Do not send emails to users marked as deleted
 * (ads) Add /ads.txt for adsense
 * (nginx) Fix location of robots.txt 
26 Aug, 2019 21:31
2019-08-26 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.42.1
 * (image) Address image by 6 character alphanumerical random id instead of sequential number

2019-08-26 Salvatore Iovene <[email protected]>
 * v1.42.0
 * (image) Add transitional hash field (preparatory migration work)
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