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WARNING: major server upgrade tomorrow morning (central European time) on AstroBin

02 Nov, 2017 22:16
H i Salvatore,
I believe there is an issue with my index. I have uploaded 2 pictures this week and my index has not changed at all.

03 Nov, 2017 02:42
Hi Salvatore! I noticed one more bug that I haven't seen addressed here: Total and average integration time appear to be 0 even after users' indexes have been restored. Again, thanks for doing such a great job with this!
03 Nov, 2017 05:44
Hi Salvatore,
Index again 0.
03 Nov, 2017 06:08
Yes, index problems persist. Sorry everybody.
03 Nov, 2017 06:55
My Astrobin index reset to 0.
03 Nov, 2017 08:30
Hi…i noticed:
Index - zero;
Integration time - zero (total and average);
No following and followers.

Thanks and regards
Edited 03 Nov, 2017 08:32
03 Nov, 2017 09:00
I'm closing this topic because there are too many reports about the Index. I know that already.

Index, Search, Wall, Stats are currently unavailable. I'm working on it.

Thank you all for your patience!
08 Nov, 2017 13:28
Opening the topic again, and by the way, did anybody notice just HOW FAST AstroBin is now? :-P
08 Nov, 2017 14:28
Salvatore Iovene
Opening the topic again, and by the way, did anybody notice just HOW FAST AstroBin is now? :-P

Yes! Very fast.
08 Nov, 2017 14:39
Yes, much faster. Thank you very much for your work on AB, Salvatore!
09 Nov, 2017 10:07
On the front page in the section of the latest forum posts, the title used to change font thickness once it is read.  Now it is always in bold font even after I read it.

This is subtle.
09 Nov, 2017 15:17
Great job on the server-system upgrade, Salvatore.  It is always a big, complicated, scary undertaking. We appreciate your hard work and commitment to keeping AstroBin a site we can enjoy every day. I hope you have time to get back to astrophotography again.
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