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Astrobin App

07 Jan, 2016 17:59

maybe i overread it but  for me either an Astrobin App (Android/iOS/Windows) or at least an Astrobin mobile version would be very nice!
I would also be happy with the desktop version but on my iOS device i can`t use the drop down menus (eg. "Explore" -> "Big Wall" doesn`t work).
I think Salvatore published an Astrobin API a while ago, but since then nothing happened.
So please, if somebody amongst you can code, use cloudy nights to create an Astrobin App smile.

Best regards
07 Jan, 2016 20:48
I would personally contribute to such effort of course!
07 Jan, 2016 22:02
On my ipad everything works fine.
But I know the problem with the dropdown menu from my android phone.
So I think this is a problem of the AstroBin mobile browser version.
Maybe it is more easy to fix this than writing a complete new app.
Edited 07 Jan, 2016 22:04
12 Jan, 2016 05:39
I would love to see an AstroBin app. It would have better performance and better scalability than any mobile website could deliver!
So please, if somebody amongst you can code, use cloudy nights to create an Astrobin App smile.

I'm actually planning to extensively learn Swift (Apple new-ish programming language) very soon, so I'll second what Sal said! I already know some Python and Java but not very much. I think it would be cool if an official AstroBin app is created by AstroBin users that have programming knowledge, but I'm not sure how many among us other than Sal and I have typed a line of code, though I'm sure there's quite a few.
12 Jan, 2016 05:56
A lot of work to make apps for iPhone or Android (which is easier).  Does look good on the iPad… will look at the phone… oops menu does not work….  Would hate to have to debug this without a professional.  There are people who hang out at forums who know how to debug.

Does the android phone version work?  I have one Android app in the marketplace and when they changed OS a couple versions ago (Lollipop) had to recode it all…. a pain, but not as bad as the iPhone.  So there is a maintenance cost too….  Does in look OK in an Android phone browser, if so, likely the implementation of the browser on the iPhone might be the problem.  Would not surprise me it is buggy.
12 Jan, 2016 10:07
Does the android phone version work?
Same thing as at the iphone.
I supose it´s a problem with the mobile browsers. I've tested with Chrome (mobile) and the nativ andriod browser. It is not possible to open subfolders in the top menu.
12 Jan, 2016 19:42
+1 astrobin has always been broken on iphone…
13 Jan, 2016 15:59
Not in App Store.. let me guess… you ONLY registered on the US store???

Canada doesn't exist? smile
13 Jan, 2016 16:02
Jeff, he refers to the mobile site (really just a set of responsive rules on the main website). There has never been an actual app.
13 Jan, 2016 21:02
I heard something about an app as a benefit to subscribing. Maybe I didn't read it right.
14 Jan, 2016 05:43
Jeff Donaldson
I heard something about an app as a benefit to subscribing. Maybe I didn't read it right.
That's part of a list of new things that will come during 2016 and 2017 and that I needed financing for. More info here.
01 Feb, 2016 00:14
I hope an AB app gets written. I would definitely purchase an android version.
09 Sep, 2016 20:06
As far as I can tell for Android, it's just the top-most menu system that doesn't work.  I was able to navigate to each page manually and menus in the pages work (other than the main one).

You can also open the website with Chrome Mobile and then select the Chrome Menu button up to the right (looks like three vertical dots), then select "Request desktop site".  The menu works fine with the desktop site but the page doesn't automatically scale to the phone/tablet's screen.

You could also use bookmarks.  Navigate manually to each menu item you need and save a bookmark.  It's a little more kludgy but you can get to everything on the site.
e.g. for the forum and latest topics for your subscribed topics for the big wall for the search function.

And so on…
Edited 09 Sep, 2016 20:10
09 Sep, 2016 20:13
BTW folks, here's an Android app that lets you browse images and do searches:

It was also announced here!
09 Sep, 2016 20:18
Another option with Chrome is to save each URL as an icon to your home screen (which you could then place in an Astrobin folder).  Navigate manually to the URL, then select the Chrome Menu button and click "Add to Home Screen".  You can edit it to say what you want and then click "Add".  It will create an icon to that page.
17 Sep, 2016 13:50
Hey guys, I've just fixed the menu and improved the phone UI all around the website! Take a look, it's functional now (although you can't see everything that you can see from a computer, but it's better than before smile )
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