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Astrobin Iphone/Android App

19 Jan, 2018 17:02
Hello everyone,
I was just wondering how the community here on Astrobin would like an official Iphone/Android app with the ability to scroll through all the images posted, read all the forum posts, exc.
It would be also very handy not having to use a computer or browse everytime.
What do you think? It would be possible to develop it?
19 Jan, 2018 17:47
I would love it! I'm actually on my phone right now
19 Jan, 2018 18:15
I'm a computer science major and would love to help contribute to this!
19 Jan, 2018 18:45
Yay I'd like that !  smile
19 Jan, 2018 19:37
Nice! Salvatore what do you think? Another idea could be letting the community develop the app, so that it would fit all the needs and would be less stressful for Salvatore to make it a thing.
Edited 19 Jan, 2018 19:38
19 Jan, 2018 21:19
luckily the mobile site works decently, even if it's not the best :-) There is this app for Android:

I would love the community to step up and help, there are lots of programmers here, I'm sure. It's for this reason that I made AstroBin open source a few years ago, but unfortunately I didn't get many contributions. The source code is here:

One issue with doing a complete app is that the API is quite limited, so if someone wants to do an app, they'd first have to expand the current API. We're talking about non trivial work. A copious amount of work in fact. It's no wonder that it hasn't happened so far.

From my side, so long as I can't afford to work on AstroBin full time, unfortunately I have to realistically say I don't have time to make an AstroBin app.
20 Jan, 2018 03:09

I think the mobile site is good enough, personally I don't see a use for an app, this isn't a system which users require real time notifications. wouldn't it be better for the community to focus on improving this wonderful site ?, only my opinion …
20 Jan, 2018 13:05
Thanks for the response. I still think that if there's someone willing to try to develop it it could be a nice addition to the Astrobin site. I have no programming skills whatsoever so if anyone is interested, he could try to work together with the whole community and Salvatore.
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