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Better equipment pages

03 Dec, 2015 18:38
I would like to make AstroBin my "go to" shopping around place. Not effectively buying, but the place I make my decisions. I think AstroBin has everything it needs to be just that.

But as of now the product pages is a little mess. Just looking at ASI120MC camera, there are, after a quick search, at least three different pages:

I understand that there is a very difficult task to keep things clean in a centralized matter, but maybe you can allow some users edit rights to help out with keeping the place clean.

Keeping the cameras as an example, I would like to have the company "ZWO" clickable, go to the company page, see all their products, compare them in one place, click on each model of camera see examples of images, click on the sensor type, see other cameras with the same sensor, compare sensors by QE, resolution, pixel size, you get the picture smile Something like this for cameras, something like this for mounts
All this can be done and maintained by the community, I would personally contribute.

I think that adding a "Buy" button on each product page with a link to an online shop with help you monetize the website in a tremendous way.
04 Dec, 2015 18:43
This has been in my plans for a long time, but I have always prioritized parts of the website that would have a better impact for the end users (you!) But I'll get around to this eventually.
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