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Browsing a collection and image sort option

30 Sep, 2016 17:00
I would like the ability to browse a collection with the back and forward buttons.  As it is now, I can see an object in a collection and click it to get the data and image.  If I click the forward or backward button though, it moves through the images as though I weren't in the collection (like it normally would).  So for example, I set up a collection of Messier objects.  I'd like to click in that collection and browse through only those images in that collection with the back and forth arrows.

Also, for sorting, I'd like to see an option to sort by title name.  It's relatively easy right now to find an object as I've just started and don't have a huge list.  But if I had a bunch of them, I'd like to be able to quickly find the image I'm looking for by seeing my objects listed by title.
Edited 30 Sep, 2016 17:01
30 Sep, 2016 17:39
Hi Robert,
browsing Next and Previous image with a Collection context works already, for instance here's an image from my Equipment collection:

If you found a place where it doesn't work, please tell me where :-)

Regarding sorting by title, sure, that's a good idea and a low hanging fruit, I'll add it ASAP.
30 Sep, 2016 19:27
Sorting by Title added!
03 Oct, 2016 20:26
Thanks Salvatore.  You're correct it does seem to be working.  I can't remember where I was or what I was looking at when I thought I saw it happening.   Perhaps it was one too many beers smile
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