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demography of astrophtotography

23 Jul, 2016 07:23

I think it will be interesting if there can be some statistics of all the images and users on astrobin, such as:
1. numbers of solar system images vs deep-sky images vs landscape vs instruments, etc
2. total integration time of the entire site, and broken down into solar system, deep sky, landscape
3. total number of users, gender distribution, nationality, etc
4. locations where the images were taken, broken down to countries, or continents
5. DSLRs vs CCDs (or even film), in terms of number of pictures, total integration time, integration time per picture, etc. Can be even broken down to countries or continents.
6. refractor vs reflector
7. anything people can think of.

It will be fun.

23 Jul, 2016 13:48
That would be quite interesting to see. It might be possible to do some of this with the AstroBin API. However, I don't think some of those will be possible exactly as you propose them, such as:

2 - I don't think integration time is able to be provided for Solar System Objects.
3 - Gender or nationality isn't able to be provided by users.

I would add:

8. A single, unbroken timeline of every planetary image (Other image types only ask for date imaged).

By the way, AstroEye, an Android app that uses the AstroBin API, reports that there are 193,116 images on the site.
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