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Display Gain 0 or above 999, plus offset

29 Nov, 2017 00:22
I have a QHY247C which has gain that goes into the 1000s+ which I would like to be able to input into exposure details. It currently won't let me put anything as it stops at 999 (technically just limited by only allowed 3 digits I guess). Similarly, I cannot put in gain 0 which I use on the ASI1600MM-C and have it show up on the exposure details either as it seems to treat it as a blank field. In both cases, it would be nice if there was also a field for offset. This is very helpful information for people who are looking at finding good working settings for cameras. I have at least a few images with people commenting just to ask the gain/offset settings.

I think this feature would be well utilized by the community and not too difficult to implement.
Edited 29 Nov, 2017 00:28
02 Apr, 2019 17:01
Going to try and bump this up once again. Many camera gain scales are over 999 these days, is it possible to get an extra digit so I can enter them? Can offset field be added?
Edited 02 Apr, 2019 17:01
03 May, 2019 12:09
I second Jarrett's request. With CMOS cameras being extremely widespread, including offset data in the camera settings would be quite helpful.
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