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Enhanced control over images submitted to groups

08 Sep, 2018 02:23
I am wondering if group owners could gain some increased control over pre-existing submissions to group images. I started a group some time ago, originally called "Mono Only". I've recently renamed it to "Only Monochromatic", and updated the description to be clearer about the intended purpose of the group. It seems more recently the group has either been misinterpreted as being for monochrome cameras, or perhaps is just being misused, however the original intent (and expressed in the description) was to have it be for monochromatic, as in grayscale/black & white/no-color images only, regardless of how they were made.

Sadly in more recent submissions the number of color images has increased, which has largely undone the experience I had originally intended, which was for the group to be a showcase of purely monochromatic work untainted by any color at all (I find that exploring form and shape with monochrome images is quite rewarding). I've enabled moderation of the group, however it would be nice to be able to clean up the existing submissions by evicting any previously submitted color images (ideally, with the ability to add a message to the submitters so we can be clear to those who submitted that the eviction is not a commentary on the quality of their work, and simply that their images did not fit the intended purpose of the group.)

08 Sep, 2018 03:15
As an addendum to the above. It was brought to my attention that some people may be submitting mono images to the group, when they start out mono, then later uploading a color version of the image. I can understand if that is the case…but it brings up another feature request:

Any chance we could get the ability to choose which revision of our images show up in a group? That would make it possible for someone to choose the mono revision instead of the color. Might also be helpful to add a group setting that would keep the revision that was originally submitted "sticky" unless the submitter explicitly chooses to change it, so that the accidental switch doesn't happen.
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