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Filter by Bortle scale

03 Sep, 2019 14:50
It would be really nice to be able to filter by Bortle scale, so we could easily compare others’ accomplishments in skies that are similarly bad to our own (or so we can easily see how much better we could do by getting to a darker site.)

Just a thought!

03 Sep, 2019 22:19
I live in a Red zone and the best filters for my location to target bright nebula are the SV BONY UHC and Alstar H beta … for general purpose.

Of course Narroband filter excels but need long subs.

I have a Swan nebula with H beta with only 15 seconds subs.. look my astrobin page.
03 Sep, 2019 22:22
For green zone..  the Optolong CLS CCD  and the SV BONY CLS do a very very good job.

Hope this helps.
PD.. H beta filters are not narrowband… at least they should be around 25 nm.

Clear skies.
04 Sep, 2019 00:35
Thank you for that! I was referring to filtering the search results by Bortle scale, so I could find others with similar skies to mine, or estimate what to expect when traveling. 😊
04 Sep, 2019 03:03
ok.. thar would be wonderful… but would require Geolocation for the subs.

Excellent idea !
04 Sep, 2019 13:04
No need for geolocation for the subs. Just select a Bortle scale that you imaged at when you upload your photo. Sounds like a great idea!
04 Sep, 2019 14:39
You can already add in your location for the picture in the settings, would just need to tie that location to a database. Even easier, users are already allowed to enter a Bortle scale for their pictures in the advanced acquisition details form, so the data is already there for some pictures…we’d just need a filter added in the search filters.
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