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[Solved manually] Gallery table view sorting

12 May, 2019 22:35
Hi Salvatore,

i wonder if it would be possible to sort images by likes (or bookmarks or views or number of comments) when looking at someones (especially my own) gallery in table mode. So i can figure out which of my images are liked most by the community. I admit that this would not be a killer-feature, but it would be a nice-to-have and maybe it is not very complicated to implement?

Thanks for thinking about this and greetings,
Edited 13 May, 2019 13:18
13 May, 2019 13:03
Unfortunately this is quite complicated because it requires all the gallery database operation to be rewritten to be against the search database, instead of the main database (number of likes and bookmarks are transient data stored in the search database. I could hack it with a custom solution but that's not ideal.
13 May, 2019 13:18
Ok, then you should not do it. After thinking about it yesterday in the evening after i posted my requirement i found a manual solution which works fine. You can simply mark the table, copy&paste it into Excel (or LibreOffice or GoogleDocs or whatever) and easily sort it by every column you want :-) It is some kind of a user hack, but it works!
Edited 13 May, 2019 13:19
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