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Percentage of Sky Plot Imaged

09 Sep, 2019 21:13
Was just looking at the general stats given for users like total integration time and thought how cool it would be to see what percentage of the sky have I imaged (very small currently haha_. I'm sure this could be needlessly complicated with pixel resolutions, but something simple would be neat. Maybe even a skymap showing the regions would also be cool.
Edited 09 Sep, 2019 21:13
09 Sep, 2019 21:36
Great idea!
We already have sky plots with a (projected) rectangle of the area covered by an image. I think the sky plots are provided by That means that Salvatore will have to write new code to implement your suggestion. Anyway it will be great if all these rectangles were plotted against the same sky map, with each rectangle filled with a solid color representing the integration time dedicated there.
10 Sep, 2019 07:17
I would love to see this but to be honest I don't have time for it. Lots of other more important work to do on AstroBin smile

But the API allow for this, so this makes for a very interesting weekend project by someone else! ;-)
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