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Provide higher-res preview in "technical card" view, for Retina and high-DPI displays

17 Jul, 2018 21:48
When viewing the "technical card" page with a computer equipped with a Retina or other high-DPI display, the image looks blurry because it is offered to the browser as a 72 dpi image although the display resolution is higher.

Other sites, like Flickr, provide a high-DPI version for clients equipped with high-DPI displays, and the appearance is much better. They accomplish this by pointing the IMG tag to a higher-resolution version of the image, but then scaling it down to a small size. In the following example from Flickr:

<img width="723" height="482" src="//" class="main-photo" alt="The Pacman Nebula, NGC 281, in Cassiopeia | by Frankz">

the actual image pointed to is a 1600x1067 pixel version, but the browser is instructed to scale it down to less than a quarter its size. The result, viewed from a high-DPI display, is a much sharper and finer detailed image.

Please implement something similar in Astrobin. It would remove the need to also host pictures on Flickr.

08 Sep, 2018 03:22
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