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Refinement of Search Query

17 Sep, 2018 05:22
I use astrobin alot to review the quality of data from certain cameras. It is frustrating to find that the OSC version of the QHY 183 can produce so many different results through different searches. " QHY183c / QHY183 cooled osc / QHY183 osc ", all generate different results but reference the same camera.

It would be wonderful if the filter option could break down by Manufacturer, sensor type IMX 183 in this case, Mono or OSC, and Manufacturer.
This would remove alot of the difficulty in finding data taken by a certain camera. In my opinion this should be the workflow for every type of equipment on this site. Lenses, mounts, telescopes. You can encounter this same problem on this page and I usually try and rely on google to help me sort out multiple searches before actually opening the link to astrobin.

Most importantly, it should be required by the user to enter this technical information before submitting an image. Otherwise, what is the point of having a site such as this? There are plenty of image sharing websites but this one is special because it lists technical information about scientific data acquired by scientific instruments. The standards should really be held higher when it comes to publishing data on Astrobin.

In the long run it would help users looking to purchase expensive gear or trouble shoot issue that they are having, much much easier. I realize that there is an advanced search filter now but it just does not work well and the user information input really needs to complement the advanced search feature.
Edited 17 Sep, 2018 05:24
29 Oct, 2018 22:38
I was thinking along the same lines. I think you are ultimately referring to what is known as controlled vocabulary. I am a librarian by trade and this aspect of the site particularly irks me as well to see such poor cataloging of gear by various users, and I agree it is not fitting for what you and I idealize as Astrobin.

However, this is a problem that's not just limited to cameras, it's EVERY piece of gear. This would require a LOT of work to reclassify and merge all of the 25 different ZWO ASI1600MM variants into one, then every other camera, telescope, camera lens, reducer, accessory, etc. There would need to be a specified naming scheme then it would have to be maintained and any new variants would have to be approved to keep it from going back to a mess again.

It's a great idea though and I'd be happy to volunteer time to assist, but realistically this is a task that would take many, many, many hours to do. Rather easy to implement when starting a new site (aside from the moderation aspect), but to go back and alter the VOLUME that is already here…I don't know if that is possible now.
Edited 29 Oct, 2018 22:39
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