I'm using the API i have some things to suggests smile.
First, is the apiKey and the apiSecret could not be send directly as param in the URL : why not using a basic auth or an OAUTH authentification ? Also, rather send "json" as que QUERY Parameter, why not sending it as content-type ?

When i send a request with cURL, i have a json response, but if i want to display information, all is empty :
array:26 [▼
"content_type" => null
 "http_code" => 0
 "header_size" => 0
"request_size" => 0
 "filetime" => -1
 "ssl_verify_result" => 0
 "redirect_count" => 0
"redirect_time" => 0.0
If i want to check the HTTP code in return : i have 0 : not a good idea, same thing for contentType if i want to check the response format smile.

We see there are many endpoints with schemas :
    "collection": {
        "list_endpoint": "/api/v1/collection/",
        "schema": "/api/v1/collection/schema/"
    "image": {
        "list_endpoint": "/api/v1/image/",
        "schema": "/api/v1/image/schema/"
    "imageoftheday": {
        "list_endpoint": "/api/v1/imageoftheday/",
        "schema": "/api/v1/imageoftheday/schema/"
    "imagerevision": {
        "list_endpoint": "/api/v1/imagerevision/",
        "schema": "/api/v1/imagerevision/schema/"
    "location": {
        "list_endpoint": "/api/v1/location/",
        "schema": "/api/v1/location/schema/"
But in documentation, we can just request the endpoints "image" and "imageoftheday". Astrobin don't expose the others endpoints ? If yes, what are the methods ?

I hope my questions will be helpfull smile.

Thank you.