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suggestion on notification format change

10 Jul, 2019 03:04

Currently, whenever an image is liked, the system will add a line to the notification:
"XXX likes your image!"

May I suggest to change it to
"XXX likes your image YYY!"
where YYY is the name of the image (or the first N characters, not necessarily the full name)?

This way, I can see which image is liked.

Usually, if I upload a new image and a few notifications about likes appear, I can easily guess it must be that new image.  However, sometimes some likes can appear in the notification even when I am inactive for a long while.  In such a case, I can't easily tell which image has drawn the attention.  Of course, I can find out by clicking into the notification, but it takes time and network traffic.  It will be easier if the notifications can show the name of the image.

10 Jul, 2019 08:28
I also think this would be helpful.  If space is an issue, even ‘XXXX likes YYYY’ would work.
10 Jul, 2019 12:05
Mostly my notifications DO say which image is liked.
Occasionally they don't say and I don't know why some do and some don't.

I wonder why that works for me and not for you.
Edited 10 Jul, 2019 12:08
10 Jul, 2019 12:13
Yes.  The e-mail notifications (if you have e-mail notifications sent for Likes) probably do say that.  I think Wei-Hao is talking about the notifications that appear under the little ‘bell’ icon on the top bar of the site.  These just say ‘XXX likes your image’ - at least mine do.  If yours are different maybe there’s a setting somewhere that I’m missing.  (That’s perfectly possible by the way - I am aware of only a tiny amount of the features on this, and other, sites.)
10 Jul, 2019 13:50
Steve is right.  I was taking about the little bell icon on Astrobin, rather than email notification.  If there already exists a preference setting that can enable this, please do tell me.
Edited 10 Jul, 2019 13:50
10 Jul, 2019 22:24
Ah, OK, sorry I misunderstood.

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