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Top picks selection

10 Apr, 2019 10:12
Last time I got IOTD was in the paleolytic, don't even know if with the new process or the old one.

Please go around my gallery and feel free to take one here. I'm open to discussion  smile
10 Apr, 2019 10:17

this one was better than my TP.

Nicer colours and a smoother processing
10 Apr, 2019 10:21
Roberto, I am just asking for some self-criticism. I am sorry if I am not clear smile
10 Apr, 2019 10:27
I can't sort out what has to do self criticism with this thread. By the way if you scroll just few inches above I gave you an example
10 Apr, 2019 11:38

Time to relax(?) and check if we are going to see the first direct picture of a black hole. You can find the stream here:
10 Apr, 2019 11:59
Very interesting! In a hour, isn't it?
10 Apr, 2019 12:13
Within 20 minutes from now.
10 Apr, 2019 12:37
Dear all,

I truly appreciate Astrobin as it is and don’t have to complain about the "awarding" process…as I’m so far not concerned with it smile  As Arnaud said before, both TP and IOTD are like the cherry atop the cake (that I would get once in my modest contribution), and they shouldn’t be removed. But this not the only reason I joined AB last year. I first do this lovely hobby because it makes sense for myself and I get completely nuts and thrilled while processing data showing a pleasant result after a sleepless night under the stars. As a newbie in AP, I’m learning and improving my skills  thanks to stunning images taken by experienced contributors and workflows, processes and tips shared by many guys in their image’s description. Back to the discussion about TP/IOTD, the selection could maybe show more reliable criteria that others users could hang on for a less subjective and emotional debriefing on their own image : let’s make a comparison with other ranking system used for mostly common stuffs like camera, lens, computer, TV,… When choosing a new lens for my DSLR, I’m used to rely on impartial revues/websites (not friendly linked to the any brands) that build an evaluation under given criteria that are truly related to the product itself and make sense to compare within competitor. So, there is any possible improvement by judging astrophotography ? Some people here talked about overall quality, framing, gradient, star shape, background,… Should AB increment a score (up to 100, 10 criteria get max 10 points each) while picking up an image as a TP and communicate more over this evaluation method and the final note ?  What about adding evaluation’s fields under the top-picked/IOTD image and filled in by a final “inspector”? I like also the “Editor’s choice” tag that many revues and websites put on selected products smile Hope I was able to correctly explain my personal feeling with my limited English… smile

Cheers from Switzerland.
15 Apr, 2019 22:45
Io non ho capito cos'è sto TP, ma fa lo stesso.. ;P
15 Apr, 2019 22:46
P.S.  Ah, e nemmeno IOTD! :o
28 Apr, 2019 00:35
With all the due respect, the present IOTD it's a very nice image, I just would like to know, if you don't mind, why mine has neither been selected TP.

Edit: answered. Judges can't be TP/IOTD

Edited 28 Apr, 2019 05:50
28 Apr, 2019 03:34
Perhaps you were IOTD judge that time? I remember judges are not in the competition.
Edited 28 Apr, 2019 03:35
28 Apr, 2019 03:42
Roberto was indeed a judge according to the 2018 staff list.

28 Apr, 2019 05:01
Roberto joined the IOTD staff in the later half of last year. (I can’t remember when.) Not all his photos last year were blocked from competition.
28 Apr, 2019 05:45
Judge can be at least TP as far as I remember, isn't it ?
28 Apr, 2019 05:47
Wei-Hao Wang
Roberto joined the IOTD staff in the later half of last year. (I can’t remember when.) Not all his photos last year were blocked from competition.

Nope  smile, I've been judge all along 2018
28 Apr, 2019 05:53
My questioning is answered. Judges can't be TP/IOTD. I thought just IOTD, that's my fault lol. I never read the instructions
28 Apr, 2019 06:01
My fault. I have the impression that you joined in a later stage. Perhaps it’s someone else.
09 Jul, 2019 14:39
Steve Milne
In my view, the only important ’judge’ of an image should be the photographer themself.
Completely disagree.  The way inexperienced astrophotographers learn is by hearing opinions of their image by experienced astrophotographers. Despite what is commonly stated–this is not all just subjective  artwork.  There are principles of image processing, photography, composition…on and on and on, that form the skeletal framework–albeit with loose cartilaginous connections in places-of astrophotography and image processing.  We are all not throwing paint on the wall and clapping when we see a glob we like.  A basic example is focus…..except for the most avant-garde project, 99.9% of the time good focus is desired.  Focus is not subjective.  Inexperienced images who are looking to improve….no wait….now I see what you are saying.   Wow, you just made astrophotography easy! All any of us have to do is point the scope up and start the camera–no fuss at all.  I love  amprphous, blurry, multi colored squares hanging on the wall………but that does not make them accurate  astrophotos. (and yes accuracy is part of it–if my stars are not where they should be because the wind blew my rig….most people will note this as a defect).
Sorry to rant, but this issue vexes me.  Without critique from experienced imagers I would not have been able to improve.  I recall a few pointers from you along the way–guiding me toward proper image processing.   Now You'll say "I prefaced all the suggestions with IMO", which, of course is just semantics.  Whose opinion do you think I trust more when it comes to the quality of my images  Yours, or my daughter who thinks nebula are the shapes that hang in the sky in Bikini Bottom (Spongebob Squarepant's home).
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