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Use of OR operator in search field

14 Jan, 2019 10:08

I re raise this question since I asked it as reply in the "Your wishes for a reworked search module" thread and probably was not the right place since I didn't get any answer yet.

I wonder if it is possible to use the OR logical operator in the search field.
I tried separating the values with comma, OR and || without success.
Don't know if I'm using the wrong syntax or is just not implemented.
If the latter, how difficult it would be to add this feature? (I know it was better to ask this before you reworked the seach module, far from me to ask you deep modification on a brand new piece of code).
But if is not too complicated, I think it could be useful. For example: if I want all (at least most of) the images done with a certain sensor I could put:
QHY23, QSI690, SX-814 etc to filter the images done with the ICX814 Sony sensor. This will deliver a more complete result instead of search for a single camera model.
Furthermore it could also help to fill the gap of consistency of the current equipment database. For example I could search for EDGE 800, C8 HD, EDGE HD 8 to include more images possible with this optic despite of the different names belonging to it in the current database.
This could be done using different browser windows with different term seach but in this case there will be separated partial results for which it will not possible to use the sort functions globally.

What do you think? Is it possible to add this easily?

17 Jan, 2019 20:18
Ciao Stefano,
it's probably possible with the current architecture and infrastructure, but not sure how easy. The best I can do right now is add it to my issue tracker and I will get to it eventually.
18 Jan, 2019 09:04
Ciao Salvatore,
OK thanks. Since is not easy, putting it in an issue list to be evaluated is good to me.

Have a nice weekend eve  smile
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