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12 out of 10 images uploaded.

03 Oct, 2018 16:12
Hey there!

A few weeks ago I looked through my gallery on Astrobin.
I have 12 images uploaded so far. That seems completely normal, but I don´t have an Astrobin Premium Account, and I never had one.
So I have (and always had) this limitation of 10 Images, but somehow I managed to upload 12 Images, which completely confuses me.

I have no idea, how this happened, or even when exactly it happened, I just wanted to tell you about this, if it is a bug or something similar.
And I didn´t want to get into any trouble.  smile
If you want, I will delete 2 of my images, so I get the 10/10, which I should normally have. smile

I just wanted to make sure, you know about this.
I´m sorry for any mistakes in my grammar, English isn´t my mother tongue. smile

04 Oct, 2018 06:53
Hi André, thanks for the report. Sounds like a bug! If you go to the upload page, do you still see the uploads button? Or does it tell you that you can't upload anymore?
04 Oct, 2018 13:20
Hey, Salvatore Iovene

No, I can't upload new images, it tells me to upgrade to a premium account, so it works how it should.
18 Oct, 2018 18:50
Hey, I got some news.

I found out, how this could have happened.

I deleted an image recently and uploaded an other one, to make it fit into the limit.

But when I looked here on Astrobin, I saw, that there are both images now, so I have 13 out of 10 Images. (if I delete one image the counter goes back from 10/10 to 9/10, even though I have 13 images)
The deleted image is not gone, so maybe the bug is there somewhere…

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