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[SOLVED] Astrobin no improvements on performance

19 Oct, 2018 18:30
More or less the same as last week or even worse.
My Index going up and down.
Upload results in errors.
Deleting the uploaded pictures (because no data could be entered) results in an error 404.
People can comment on them and see them - even so I can not see them in my stream because I've deleted them.
Two hours later, they appear again, and can be deleted with 404.
To be there again two hours later.

Please, fix  your persistent database issues. Things don't work as I would expect them to.

EDIT: Even posting this issue report took several minutes! If things do not get significantly better the next days, I will quit my Astrobin membership,
not only because of the issues of the last days, but because of regularly occuring performnce issues with this site.  To be honest, response problems on astrobin
occur at least (!) on a monthly basis.
Thank you for your understanding

EDIT 2: And no, I did NOT post this two hours ago, as your database says, I just did it this minute!

Markus smile
Edited 21 Oct, 2018 11:25
19 Oct, 2018 18:58
Hi Markus,
I am doing my best to work on this issue. I agree that AstroBin lacks the performance and stability that one expects from websites this days, but it's also true that it's a project that grew quite large and is definitely understaffed. I am currently working on performance and will update you when there's something new.
19 Oct, 2018 19:34
I have just added a second server that now handles 75% of the requests to the AstroBin app. The first server still handles 25% and the database. However I am seeing that the database is using A LOT of server resources (CPU time) and I don't remember this being the case, so I know where to investigate next.

Now it should be a little bit faster with the new server anyway, although not perfect yet.
19 Oct, 2018 21:46
I have performed several other optimizations and right now the website is looking pretty fast! I will keep some logs running over night and then check again. Hopefully it's stabilized now!
20 Oct, 2018 00:18
Thanks for all work Salvatore, is appreciated.
20 Oct, 2018 06:20
Hello Salvatore,

all your work is highly appreciated. From my location (Germany) I did not see an improvement over night - I could not upload my latest image even this morning.
And also loggin on to the site takes around two minutes.
Let's see, how your optimizations will work.
20 Oct, 2018 06:26
Markus, is the site slow only if you’re logged in or also when you’re not?
20 Oct, 2018 08:21
Hello Salvatore,

I started astrobin this morning, 20.10.2018  10:20 Daylight time, and I ´have seen that there is a little problem with the language. I use German in the platform but there is a "mitchmatch" now. Yesterday, all was ok. Is it also a server-issue ?

many greetings and best wishes for your strong engagement concerning the current performance issues

20 Oct, 2018 11:17
Thanks for the report, Stefan. Language support restored.
20 Oct, 2018 13:31
Hi all,
after several more software and database optimizations, I have decided to migrate AstroBin to a more powerful server. Looks pretty snappy to me right now!
20 Oct, 2018 13:56
It sure looks much snappier than it ever has, at least to me right now.

Thanks Salvatore  smile
Miguel   8-)
20 Oct, 2018 13:58
Yes this is definitely the fastest I ever remember it smile
21 Oct, 2018 08:10
Hello Salvatore,

this morning, everything is fast and works perfectly. Seems you fixed the problem - whatever it was- successfully!
Thanks, Salvatore, for working hard on the issues even during the weekend.

21 Oct, 2018 09:16
Dear Salvatore,

I had the same problems that were fixed.Now I have about 60 Likes, but my index has fallen by 30 points after the decimal point. I can not read in my stats the total shot or average time of my recordings, because everything is on zero. Please check if you can do something.
Best Regards Caspar
21 Oct, 2018 12:11
Hi Salvatore,

in my opinion you have fixed the problems. Now, astrobin runs fast an without any breakdown or other similar things. Thank you so much from here for the hard work and best regards for you and your team

21 Oct, 2018 14:51
Man, Astrobin is incredible fast now. Thanks for your hard work, Sal!
21 Oct, 2018 14:58
Enjoy 🤩
21 Oct, 2018 15:45
Hi Sal,

Transferring to another server has solved the issue that has plagued this site for months. Thanks for addressing the issue, I am hopeful that this will stabilize the growing database that has amassed over the years on this site.

Best Regards,

21 Oct, 2018 19:02
Hi Salvatore,

I really appreciate all the work you are doing for the plattform. Many thanks.
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