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Check your PAYPAL account - maybe paying twice for Astrobin!

21 Oct, 2019 13:18
Good Afternoon!

In the past week I checked my PayPal account which I'm using too for paying annually for the astrobin-service and saw that I PAID TWICE in the past years.
Starting with $24,- for the package having up to 100 images provided and later, since 2016, $36,- for the premium account. That upgrade worked with just one mouse-click. But in the background the retreat of money went on - SEE IMAGE. So I've paid $72,- too much in the past three years, 3x $24,- for the old package that no longer is available and never has been used sinced upgrading:
Edited 21 Oct, 2019 13:19
21 Oct, 2019 14:21
Dear Michael,

as explained privately via email, $24 was your voluntary donation from before AstroBin had a Premium plan. After that, you purchased Premium for $36 but did not cancel the donation.

I have also explained to you that I'm going to refund the donations that you forgot to cancel.
21 Oct, 2019 15:22
Dear Salvatore!

Have not received such an Email you are writing about. Checked again, 5:25pm local time, 4:25pm London time, nothing in my mails and no personal message to be found. Therefore forgive me, but I could not see what you're "talking" about nor did I receive any refund via PayPal so far. So I was not aware what you have in mind to do.
Edited 21 Oct, 2019 15:27
21 Oct, 2019 16:12
Ok I will check emails again, but I gave you one $24 refund already, from the claim you made with PayPal.
21 Oct, 2019 16:52
OK, will control my mails in the evening again, maybe it came later.
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