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Comments not available

20 May, 2019 15:42
Hi Salvatore, it would seem that the comments are either not visible and that you can't add a comment either, this is with Firefox 66.05.

With IE I can add and view the comments.

Any ideas
20 May, 2019 16:17
Ad blocker is blocking them, please add an exception for AstroBin.
20 May, 2019 18:46
Thanks Salvatore, I thought you were only going down a non invasive route of adverts?
21 May, 2019 09:27
Hi John, that's true. This is not done on purpose, actually. I don't know why ad blockers block the comments section on AstroBin!
21 May, 2019 09:31
OK Thanks Salvatore.

Didn't want you to think I am ungrateful, I will sign up to a subscription once I achieve enough images.
21 May, 2019 09:33
Thanks :-D
05 Jul, 2019 15:10
Salvatore Iovene
I don't know why ad blockers block the comments section on AstroBin!

Apparently adblockers has rule for "/hitcount/*"

I myself thought there are simply no comments for long time until i noticed they are missing even where they were before. Seems like changing the location is the only solution here as not everyone will add (or know how to) an exception for astrobin. Or maybe put there some warning if given script wasn't  loaded? smile
04 Aug, 2019 17:47
You know what, I just tested this theory and it is true.  My ad blocker was blocking comments but there are a lot of ads that pop up as a result.   I use "ublock" and while it works quite well, I've disabled so I can leave comments.

04 Aug, 2019 18:33
You don't need to disable ublock completely. Just add*
to whitelist (My Filters tab) and comments will work again smile
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