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Deleted image reappeared

24 Aug, 2019 14:51
Something odd has happened.  I posted up an image of the Butterfly nebula a few days ago, then realised there were some artifacts and so deleted it pretty soon after posting.  In the meantime I got a comment and a few likes, but I had already deleted the image before I could read the comments.

I then started a new posting with the improved image and only had one image of the Butterfly for two days or so.

Today,  first image has suddenly reappeared two days later along with the comment I could not read !!!! ????
So I now have two posted Butterfly nebulae images on my gallery.  the one I had deleted with the comments is the one with 5 likes on it, the one I am keeping is the one with currently 76 likes on it.

Any thoughts on this, will leave the original (previously deleted)  image on my gallery while I am waiting for comments on this.

Edited 24 Aug, 2019 14:54
25 Aug, 2019 06:06
Hi Carole,
yes, sorry about this, it's actually a known issue. I'm pretty sure I know what causes it, so I'll get it fixed during next week. Thanks for reporting!
26 Aug, 2019 21:18
Hi Carole,
should be fixed now!
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