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Email notifications selection

13 Feb, 2020 13:27

I have a question about the email notification settings. I have this option enabled (as the only one) :
I accept to receive rare important communications via email
This is highly recommended. These are very rare and contain information that you probably want to have.

Nevertheless I get an email notification everytime I get a like also - which is nice in a way but, it's just too much smile
Is there a way to differentiate between rare important communications via email and notifications about likes?
Or is disabling this option the only way to prevent flooding of my email box? I hope it's not smile

13 Feb, 2020 16:51
Hi Okke,
those settings in your profile (and also on the registration page) are for communications from AstroBin.

The likes and so on are called transactional notifications, you can fine tune the settings here:

I think the link is in every email :-P
14 Feb, 2020 11:41
Awesome, thank you Salvatore! smile
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