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"Fit to window" view problem

09 Apr, 2018 11:12
For some reason on of my images no longer displays in the "Fit to window" zoom level.
A very minor issue, but thought there might me an underlying gremlin impacting some other folks.
09 Apr, 2018 12:28
Try clearing your cache, the problem was fixed on Saturday. I don't know why your browser would still serve you the old file, given that the ID changed…
09 Apr, 2018 12:39
Hi Salvatore - thanks for the quick reply.
Already tried clearing the case, and using a different browser.
That's why I posted the link.

Does it work for you?
Not a big issue if not.

09 Apr, 2018 12:50
Yeah, works for me for all images on Chrome and Firefox, and other users also reported it fixed.
09 Apr, 2018 13:05
Well, that is strange.

I have tried the link I provided ( ) on the latest versions of 5 different browsers:
- Internet Explorer
- Edge
- Chrome
- Firefox
- Safari

Does not work on any of them.
I understood the problem on Saturday to be with "Full Resolution" views.

Not to worry.

09 Apr, 2018 13:27
Ah, I see how this is actually a different issue, sorry for not getting it sooner. Sometimes it helps to use the "Flag malfunctioning thumbnails" in the actions menu. I fixed it now. But since the thumbnailing process changed a few days ago, I need to provide better feedback of what's happening via the UI.
09 Apr, 2018 13:43
That's great.
Thank you!

And noted re the "Flag" facility.
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