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[SOLVED] Histogram not scaled correctly

02 Sep, 2018 00:25
Hello Salvatore,

I've noticied a few of my (and other) images' histogram is not correctly displayed. The y-axis is not scaled correctly. Here are a few examples:
And also:

The issue seems to have started recently, but it is only present in some images - while browsing through the Big Wall there are recently posted images with the correct histogram…. not sure what's going on here, perhaps some color management problem ?

Best regards,

EDIT- fixed links
Edited 02 Dec, 2018 14:26
04 Sep, 2018 15:49
Hello Gabriel,
the links you put seem broken.
Anyway, for what I knew the histogram is not correct when the image is a png while is correct if is a jpg.
I read this information here some time ago so maybe it's better to wait for Salvatore since  I don't know if something changed in the meantime.

Best regards,
Edited 04 Sep, 2018 15:53
04 Sep, 2018 16:19
png ko, jpg ok
25 Oct, 2018 03:43
It happens to me every time I export and upload a PNG file.
29 Nov, 2018 13:29
Hi  Salvatore,

the issues is still present when using PNG format.  smile Is it possible to fix it?

29 Nov, 2018 15:51
Hi Frank, thanks for bringing this back to my attention. I will have a look this weekend.
29 Nov, 2018 16:42
Perfect - thanks :-)
02 Dec, 2018 14:26
Fixed! It will work for new images only.
Edited 02 Dec, 2018 14:27
02 Dec, 2018 18:26
Great. Do we have a chance to generate the histos of our older images again?
02 Dec, 2018 18:36
I'll see what I can do smile
02 Dec, 2018 19:24
Hi Salvatore,

just tried a new upload of a PNG image - the issue is till there?  smile
02 Dec, 2018 19:39
Link please?
02 Dec, 2018 20:32
Salvatore Iovene
I'll see what I can do

I'll keep my fingers crossed  smile
06 Dec, 2018 21:45
Frank Breslawski
just tried a new upload of a PNG image - the issue is till there?

The issue is gone for me. Just uploaded a new image and the histogram looks ok.
06 Dec, 2018 23:40
Yes, seems to work now!  smile Thanks, Frank
06 Dec, 2018 23:42
My pleasure 😇
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