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Index and Followers not updated

17 Nov, 2017 02:34

I inform you that the index and followers of my account are in standby for several days. Hoping that this info can be useful to you.

17 Nov, 2017 06:28
Ray Caro
I inform you that the index and followers of my account are in standby for several days. Hoping that this info can be useful to you.

Thanks and sorry, I had a typo in the cronjob, fixed now and currently updating the index.
17 Nov, 2017 18:11
Now, That's OK ! Thank you smile
20 Nov, 2017 01:27
Hmm - I've been gone for a couple days, checking now, the upper right badge has me with 0.00 index and 0 followers.  But the left side of my page shows all my followers.

Perhaps the fix is working it's way through?

20 Nov, 2017 03:41
same here, should it take 2+ days for this fix to take place?

20 Nov, 2017 04:25
Hi !

Same for me! This morning, the accounts are zero.
20 Nov, 2017 05:34
The search server ran out of disk space. Issue solved now, sorry and thanks!
20 Nov, 2017 05:35
Looks fixed for me.  Thanks for getting it working again so quickly.

21 Nov, 2017 15:42
There seems to be a new problem with this…  smile No update to my index or followers since days…

21 Nov, 2017 17:32
True, must have skipped the last 1-2 days because I forgot to install a package on the Search server after I updated the repository to need that package on the main server. The separate Search server is a new thing, so I still haven't made it a habit yet… sorry! It's updating now.
22 Nov, 2017 13:09
Hi Salvatore, is the update still in progress? I have still no followers updated since days. smile

26 Nov, 2017 16:11
Hi Salvatore, is this issue fixed? I think my index is not update for days…
27 Nov, 2017 08:56
Hi Ruben,
yes, I don't see any issue on my side, the indexing is happening nightly as scheduled as far as I can tell.
28 Nov, 2017 06:23
Nope, my index or followers list did not update since two days
28 Nov, 2017 08:28
Guys, last night I ran it manually and watched it run to make sure. It's working. I guess your index and followers don't *have* to change every day.
29 Nov, 2017 19:18
OK, thanks. But I've also noticed this problem during 3 days, though new followers came in.

OUT smile
Edited 29 Nov, 2017 19:19
30 Nov, 2017 13:47
It seems to work this morning.


29 Jan, 2018 22:45
Hi Salvatore,
I uploaded an image on Friday, added 3 followers , 100 views, 60 likes and my AB Index has not changed a 100th of a point…

Any suggestions????

Thank You
29 Jan, 2018 22:55
Hi Salvatore :-) My Index is standing still since  4 or 5 Days. Sorry ;-) Thanks Caspar
01 Feb, 2018 08:48
Hi Salvatore,

I can´ t see the "red follower sign" in my avatar-field. Is there a problem ?
many greetings and thanks

01 Feb, 2018 08:52
That's because you cannot follow yourself.
01 Feb, 2018 09:17
Oh, thank you so much, Salvatore smile , sometimes I am a little bit stupid, you are absolutely right, sorry.

Thank you for answering so rapidly and let me say again: astrobin is great and I enjoy it smile

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