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Is Astrobin stripping ICC colour profiles again?

04 Oct, 2018 00:47
A couple of test examples downloading images which were uploaded with an ICC profile (one PNG and one JPG) show that the downloaded version no longer has an ICC profile.  This is a bad thing for reproducing accurate colour.  Astrobin used to strip profiles, then it got fixed.  Did it get broken again?  If it did, please please fix it  smile

04 Oct, 2018 10:21
As a test, I have uploaded (in my Staging Area) the four quadrants of the image found at While my browser passes the test there, the top right and bottom left quadrant are not properly rendered here in AB. Interestingly, the thumbnails of all quadrants (in the Staging Area gallery) looks fine.
Edited 04 Oct, 2018 10:21
04 Oct, 2018 20:44
Good thinking, thanks!
15 Oct, 2018 21:22
See my post
Sadly there was no reaction to the raised question  smile
17 Oct, 2018 05:59
Thanks, Andreas.  It would be good to get this fixed.  Correct colour is pretty important to what we do.
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