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"Likes" are not Registering

09 Jul, 2018 02:45
I noticed that when I click on "like" it does not register. I've tried logging on and off but the problem still persists. Not sure if it is part of the glitch that AB has been going through lately but I'd thought I'd put it out there just in case.

09 Jul, 2018 02:47
Yes I have noticed that too when you figure it out let me know
09 Jul, 2018 03:06
Same here!
09 Jul, 2018 03:24
Another thing is that the upload time of the picture is no longer showing.

09 Jul, 2018 03:32
Yup looks like there are still some glitches in the server, I'm sure Salvatore will get to it when he can.
09 Jul, 2018 04:02
Neither can I add Gear or Acquisition Details to an animation I just uploaded. I will delete it and try again later.
Edited 09 Jul, 2018 04:03
09 Jul, 2018 04:02
It's also not possible to leave comments.
09 Jul, 2018 04:57
I have received email notices of comments being made with one of my newly-posted images, but the comments are not appearing at the image site.
Perhaps the server problems continue?
09 Jul, 2018 05:01
That's most likely what it is.
09 Jul, 2018 06:45
Wow, this is really a bad week… it looks like the main JavaScript file is truncated on S3 and some code is missing. I will regenerate the static assets, will be about an hour. Sorry all!
09 Jul, 2018 07:24
It's all good Salvatore. I'm sure we're all appreciative of your diligent work that you do for the site.
09 Jul, 2018 08:52
Should be all good now. Please report if further errors. Thank you!
09 Jul, 2018 08:54
Working great now thanks Sal!
Edited 09 Jul, 2018 09:01
09 Jul, 2018 09:02
Cannot see full frame picture, shows: fatal error
09 Jul, 2018 09:27
Yup now shows "Fatal Error" when yo try to go full frame.
09 Jul, 2018 09:52
Thanks, fixed.
09 Jul, 2018 10:08
Everything's working now Sal, thanks a lot. smile
10 Jul, 2018 08:10
AB-Indexing seems to be frozen. No uptick for quite a while.  Issues might be related?
10 Jul, 2018 19:17
AB-Indexing seems to be frozen. No uptick for quite a while.  Issues might be related?

Yes I suspect the AB Indexing system is not working properly. Certainly not taking into account pics uploaded and likes received during the server glitch.
13 Jul, 2018 18:42
Hi Salvatore,  have you had a chance to look into this? On my account this issue is corresponding to the last four uploaded photos.  Thank's, Andreas
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