Mid. Size image display

10 May, 2018 15:58
I've noticed it several times in the past and now again with my last image ( https://www.astrobin.com/346187/  ).

If you go in the "mid. size" page ( https://www.astrobin.com/full/346187/0/ ), at least on my monitor, I can see some artifact / distorsions.

Example: https://s7.postimg.cc/gqs02o7mz/distorsion.jpg

Is it just me?


10 May, 2018 17:52
A timeout warning appears when I upload a new image version :-(
13 May, 2018 00:30
The image loads in layers, when everything works fine the process is very fast and imperceptible. It looks like your browser had some problem rendering the image, that could be for different reasons: either a very slow data transfer, your CPU/GPU under heavy stress while opening the image or even you internet cache full or messed up for unknown reasons.
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