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Notifications error

07 Jul, 2018 15:09
Still an issue for me.
07 Jul, 2018 15:16
I know, should be solved in a few minutes. Unfortunately new releases are not an atomic process when they involve new styles. I am uploading the new files to the CDN.
07 Jul, 2018 16:47
Yep, crash is back….┬á smile
07 Jul, 2018 17:02
I will update when it's solved.
07 Jul, 2018 17:37
For iPhone - no problem, but comp cannot see notification, crashes every time
07 Jul, 2018 19:45
Should be fixed now. If it's not fixed for you, please empty your cache! For 99% of you this should not be necessary.
07 Jul, 2018 20:33
Thanks, Salvatore, works now­čĹŹ
08 Jul, 2018 03:48
Wonderful… thank you smile

- Ray
09 Jul, 2018 01:42
Salvatore, looks that all comments to photos are disable, cannot see them even on my own  smile
09 Jul, 2018 08:53
Should be fixed now, thanks for reporting!
09 Jul, 2018 18:43
Hi Salvatore,
I cannot click the Notification Button and also the Button for getting to my Settings … Browser (Firefox) is updated and Cache is emptied.
You dont need to hurry as I know you are pretty busy :-)
10 Jul, 2018 17:24
Works now,failure was on my side! I had a script disabled,but now its fine!
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