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Plate solving problems?

05 Jun, 2019 15:00
Yesterday I uploaded a new revision of one of my images ( which has been unable to plate solve. If I follow the link to the astrometry job, I see this error message:

…e "", line 537, in dosub    img = get_or_create_image(df)  File "", line 597, in get_or_create_image    raise Exception('This file\'s type is not supported.'smileException: This file's type is not supported.

Even if I re-start a plate solving process, by changing the plate solving settings, I still get the same error. However, if I look at other images submitted today, they seem to have been successfully plate solved.

Any idea what may be going on?

05 Jun, 2019 20:04
I even copied your image to clipboard, loaded in Irfanview and saved as jpg than uploaded in my staging are. the image was normal plate solved :-)

cs johny
05 Jun, 2019 20:13
Yes I don’t think there’s anything to do with the particular image file. If I upload the same source JPG file directly to, it plates solves normally. It looks like something’s funny in the way Astrobin sends it to, but only as a part of that particular record in my astrobin feed. If I upload the same JPG file again as a new revision, I get the same error. If I upload it as a new image, it plate solves fine.
Edited 05 Jun, 2019 20:43
05 Jun, 2019 22:59
Yes, having the same problem. Uploaded a new revision and it fails to plate solve with the same error:
…e "", line 537, in dosub    img = get_or_create_image(df)
  File "", line 597, in get_or_create_image
    raise Exception('This file\'s type is not supported.'smile
Exception: This file's type is not supported.
I've already deleted all previous revisions here

I've tried to upload the image directly to and it was successfully solved.
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