Public Data Pools Downloads

22 Oct, 2017 23:19
Maybe it's me, but I have been trying to download some data from the public data pools area and it never says download is ready,
I've waited about 30 minutes and have been hitting refresh often..  Any Ideas?
23 Oct, 2017 05:20
Sorry about that, my bad. Should be working now!
15 Jan, 2018 16:41
I have the same problem. Firefox tab info says "AstroBin - Your download is ready" but the web page says "Download not ready" .
It happens when I press the "Download" button on this page :

16 Jan, 2018 07:30
Sorry guys. In all honesty, there's a service that goes down from time to time and I haven't yet figured out a way to make it restart automatically. Should be fixed now.
16 Jan, 2018 08:34
Thanks for the (temporary) fix !

17 Jan, 2018 03:07
It seems to be down again.
I had an invite to a private folder in public data (Private public? haha) and it's just saying download not ready, refreshing doesn't help.
10 Feb, 2018 20:16
Hi. Again problems with download public data image.
10 Feb, 2018 20:21
Very sorry for the repeatedly poor availability of this service. Very soon this situation will be solved permanently.
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