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Search doesn't work

26 Jan, 2019 13:14

If any filter is set the search doesn't work.
Edited 26 Jan, 2019 13:20
26 Jan, 2019 13:25
You are searching for any camera that has m45 in its name… No surprise that there are no results.
Instead try to set that filter to 'All' and leave the others as they are… You should get some results now smile
26 Jan, 2019 13:39
OK "Philoez98
" then show me how would you search M45 imaged with CCD cameras
26 Jan, 2019 13:46
Enter 'm45' in the "search terms" field, then select "Everything" in the "search by" field and in "add filter" select "Camera type" and then "CCD" .
You shoud now see all m45 images taken with a CCD camera.
I'm on my phone and I can't post any image. Hope this helps smile
26 Jan, 2019 13:53
Thanks it works ! smile (but it's pretty confusing)
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