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Special fonts not rendered in Firefox

31 Jul, 2018 15:48
I am getting rectangles with numbers instead of the special fonts used in buttons like Upload, etc. The problem persists even if I clear my browser cache and start Firefox in "safe mode" (i.e. with Add-ons disabled). Interestingly, the same problem happens  with Edge, but not with Internet Explorer (I never use them; both are running with their stock settings). BTW  my browser's "View > Text Encoding" menu is grayed out.
31 Jul, 2018 16:03
Is this only on or also
31 Jul, 2018 17:33
Salvatore Iovene
Is this only on or also

In both of them.
31 Jul, 2018 19:10
Do you have an ad blocker?
31 Jul, 2018 20:03
I am getting the same thing with Chrome, I do have an ad blocker.
31 Jul, 2018 21:27
same with Chrome and an adblocker. Refresh doesn't fix the issue, closing the tab and reopening the site in a new one usually fixes it. It also seems to occur randomly but started a couple of days ago.
31 Jul, 2018 23:08
Salvatore Iovene
Do you have an ad blocker?

Hello Salvatore, yes, but I had the same issue even with all of my add-ons disabled (Firefox "safe-mode"smile.

Now everything seems to work properly, even in Edge.

Thank you very much!
Edited 31 Jul, 2018 23:22
01 Aug, 2018 02:28
I saw this happen on one page a few days ago, but it hasn't happened since. I chalked it up to a random issue in Chrome.

01 Aug, 2018 12:07
The issue came back again a few moments ago. This time it's affecting Firefox only (and not Edge/IE).
22 Aug, 2018 22:28

i got the same behavior with chrome on OSX platform. I got some 403 on the fontawesome-webfont resource from the cdn or
23 Aug, 2018 02:03
Getting same problem on Firefox v. 61.0.2.   No ad blocker.
26 Aug, 2018 08:01
Now the fonts are properly rendered smile
31 Aug, 2018 15:26
Fonts working again in Firefox.   Thank you.
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