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Subscription plan issue

21 Feb, 2018 10:59
Dear admins,

As I can see on my profile I was listed as astrobin free member. Premium membership was extended on february 8th. Im not sure if it is about problems astrobin had a day ago.
Thank you for your answer.

21 Feb, 2018 11:16
Sorry about the issue, Ivan. Fixed now.
21 Feb, 2018 11:22
Thank you very much Salvatore, I appreciate it. You are doing great job holding things together, keep up a good work!

21 Feb, 2018 16:01

I'm having a similar problem as well.  I didn't get an e-mail to renew my premium membership and recently noticed my subscription had expired.  I renewed a couple of days ago, but the badge on my main page still says I'm a "free" member.  Interestingly, if I look at the subscriptions page, my new premium membership shows up under the active subscriptions.  Even more interesting, while I was "expired", I was able to upload to my staging area and then promote the images to the public area, even though I was well over the 10 image limit.

As others have mentioned, I too am amazed at how you keep this all together while also holding down a real job!!  Thanks for everything!

21 Feb, 2018 21:22
Hi Ron, there is an issue somewhere between the old auto-renewing subscriptions, and the new non-auto-renewing ones, and I haven't had time to put a nail in that coffin yet. smile In the meanwhile, I'll fix yours manually like I have others.

As to how I keep it together, it's simple… I hardly sleep smile
Edited 21 Feb, 2018 21:23
21 Feb, 2018 23:42
Thanks.  With no sleep, you should have lots of images!!!  smile
25 Feb, 2018 19:57
Same thing with my account. When logging in it displays in my user stats (on the left side) that it is „Astrobin Free“ (using 67 from 10 available images).
There is however no real restriction (means I can see all my images and also can upload new ones). Maybe just a display issue?
Further, I was charged twice through Paypal for a yearly premium membership because the autorenewal of my subcription did either not work or I lost premium memership in January prematurely. When logging in then I was informed that I was no premium member anymore, so I simply paid a membership renewal and was back as premium one day later. Some two weeks later however I got an email from Paypal that they charged my card for another renewal as a result of the auto-renewal subscription I had with Astrobin for more than a year.
Take the second fee as my donation this time, but give me a properly working account, please.

25 Feb, 2018 20:14
Hi Cray,
sorry about this, I will get around to fixing it so it doesn't happen to other anymore as soon as I'm finished with the current tasks on AstroBin.

I have fixed your account and extended your membership until 2020 to make up for the double payment.

Did you cancel the auto-renewing subscription on PayPal? If you can't find it, I can do it for you, just PM me your PayPal email.

Thanks for being a supporter!
25 Feb, 2018 20:50
Great. Just saw that it is fixed.
You know that it is Sunday, right?  smilesmilesmilesmile
25 Feb, 2018 21:05
AstroBin is my side activity, not my day job (unfortunately), so all the work happens on evenings after the kids are in bed and on weekends!
26 Feb, 2018 08:52
Hi Sal,

i have the same problem.
On my profile I am listed as astrobin free member and should be Premium member (renewal of registration in 25/2).
26 Feb, 2018 09:39
To anybody with this problem, please use the contact form to let me know, it's easier for me to keep track, so I don't forget to fir your account! Thanks!
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