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Technical problem - cannot upload new version or new photo

17 Sep, 2019 13:45
I've tried many times, but today I cannot upload new version of photo. I've tried also new photo - negative.
Advice please Salvatore! It was .png about 15 Megs
Edited 17 Sep, 2019 13:49
17 Sep, 2019 19:33
Hi Marciej,
please send me the image so I can reproduce the issue. It's probably too large for email, so please use Dropbox or Google Drive or WeTransfer etc - to - Thanks!
18 Sep, 2019 04:29
Hi Salvatore,
Today I've tried once again with …success and error message!
Please have a look
In paralell discussed image was sent to you by wetransfer.
Hope it helps.
18 Sep, 2019 05:11
That's a warning. The upload worked!
18 Sep, 2019 07:15
Salvatore - you are right- working. What is the upload limit then? My file was 15 MB and this message occurs!
18 Sep, 2019 07:18
So the issue is that AstroBin checks uploaded files to see if they are images. If the file is HUGE, this will kill the worker due to memory constraints. So now I've set it so if if the file is larger than 10 MB, AstroBin does not try to open it during upload, but only checks for the extension.

So for files above 10 MB you get a warning that says AstroBin could not verify the file, but it should work anyway.

So technically now you should be able to upload files up to 200 MB (not that I recommend that tho smile )
18 Sep, 2019 08:23
Thanks Salvatore! To save time, space and money my files are in compress formats and not bigger then 2000 pix wide ( except special mosaic etc). It helps not only to upload them but also to see them ( by viewers).
Thanks for info, I hope it will work smile
Good day!
Edited 18 Sep, 2019 08:23
18 Sep, 2019 08:30
It helps not only to upload them but also to see them ( by viewers).

Yes, that's the main reason. Nobody wants to download a 100 MB PNG just to see the full resolution picture. It's great for archiving purposes but makes no sense for sharing, IMHO.
18 Sep, 2019 21:50
maybe i have a very specific issue but still not working for me. I will send to you the picture Salvatore .
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