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Thank you for your patience while search index updates

15 Oct, 2018 20:17
Today there have been some problems on AstroBin. I needed to perform a server reboot and that invalidated a lot of cached data, and AstroBin started acting slow. Upon investigation, I discovered that the server was running a full capacity, and I needed to split some services to a second server to make things more sustainable. Of course AstroBin has been steadily growing, both in terms of users and in data storage.

So I have now moved the search database to a different server, so for the next 24 hours please expect that search does not work or returns incomplete results, and some data that relies on the search database (AstroBin Index, the Bit Wall, and other) might be unavailable.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding!
Edited 16 Oct, 2018 07:49
15 Oct, 2018 20:23
Thanks Salvatore! smile Looking forward to it being restored.
15 Oct, 2018 20:24
And performance should also be acceptable now since the search database was pretty heavyweight in terms of CPU utilization, and now it's on a separate server.
15 Oct, 2018 21:36
Good job as always Salvatore, thank you!
16 Oct, 2018 21:02
Hi Salvatore, you probably already know but 24 hours later and still not working properly, do we need to give it more time?
16 Oct, 2018 21:03
Yes, sorry, it's because I did a few other changes and had to restart the process several times. I will leave it alone now to work over night.
16 Oct, 2018 21:09
Thanks Salvatore, much appreciated.
18 Oct, 2018 19:32
What is the status on the re-index?  Most things seem to be working, but if you click on an object designation at the top of the page (the section generated by plate solving the image) there are no results.
18 Oct, 2018 20:08
Tried a few and they work. Which one did you try?
19 Oct, 2018 03:11
I tried searching the word "645".  It returns nothing.  This is wrong, as there are many equipments containing the string "645" such as Pentax 645z, Takahashi 645 reducer, etc.
19 Oct, 2018 07:10
I think, this should also be a problem regarding the "search-engine":
Since a longer time it is not possible to invite am member in a group.
Because when tipped in the name into the "invite user" field, it will not be found.
19 Oct, 2018 14:55
meno male che nell'universo ogni tanto c'è ne uno come te , un caro saluto   c.colombo smile
20 Oct, 2018 07:19
Salvatore Iovene
Tried a few and they work. Which one did you try?

It started working for a short time, but now I can’t search for anything using the search feature or via the links.
Edited 20 Oct, 2018 07:25
20 Oct, 2018 13:32
Hi all,
after the migration to a new server, the search index is now regenerating again. Please allow several hours before you will see your search results and AstroBin Index and the Wall etc.
20 Oct, 2018 20:04
Salvatore Iovene
Tried a few and they work. Which one did you try?
It started working for a short time, but now I can’t search for anything using the search feature or via the links.

Works now and it's blazing fast!  smile
20 Oct, 2018 22:16
It's flying!  Thank you!
24 Oct, 2018 19:43
Hi all,
due to a small mistake on my side the search, indexes, stats etc will again be unavailable for several hours as I apply a fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
29 Oct, 2018 22:01
Just curious how long to wait for the Index to update?  I’ve had 9 “likes” in the past week, but the index hasn’t changed at all.

I appreciate all the work you do on the site, especially since it isn’t your main job!

29 Oct, 2018 22:14
grazie  per  l'avvertimento, e grazie per tutto il tuo impegno    smile un caro saluto    c.colombo
31 Oct, 2018 18:20
Thanks for taking care of these issues.  Things are working much better recently.  My index has dropped to zero again after receiving an image like yesterday, but my follower count hasn't changed this time and I am still able to like images.  Seems you made some changes to how this feature works, yes?
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