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Time queue penilty for Staging images promoted.

06 Dec, 2017 15:48
I know this has been mentioned before… Is there some way to refresh the image queue time stamp when promoting from the staging area to the public area? I promoted an image that sat in the staging area for several days and while it says it was promoted minutes ago it is several pages back in the public area  when using the time sorting… Regards, Dave
09 Dec, 2017 04:51
This behavior does bothers me too. I would like to load several photos at once, work on getting all the information inputted, and promote them one at a time. Thanks in advance.
Edited 09 Dec, 2017 04:52
09 Dec, 2017 10:47
09 Dec, 2017 22:19
I will look into it, sounds reasonable. Thanks for the suggestion!
20 Jan, 2018 03:47
I've noticed this problem a while ago so I stopped promoting from staging and upload my latest version to the public area instead. It seem to me the problem  originates from  the recent images list currently being sorted by the acquisition date
10 Mar, 2018 21:05
This problem still persist, please take a look on it. Thanks
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